WWE’s Matt Riddle Demonstrates His Ridiculous Full-Body Workout with Sheamus

WWE's Matt Riddle Demonstrates His Ridiculous Full-Body Workout with Sheamus

In episode 128 of WWE Superstar Sheamus’ “Celtic Warrior Workouts” on YouTube, the “Fighting Irishman” is joined by fellow pro wrestler Matt Riddle to undertake an intense, gauntlet-style full-body workout as taught to Riddle by his UFC strength and conditioning coach, Norm “The Storm” Turner.

This session worked abs, chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and legs with little rest between exercises. The idea is not just to increase strength but also cardiovascular endurance, which Riddle undoubtedly has in spades. Check out the full workout below:

“I train this way, and I feel I can always get out of any situation,” says Riddle, who first made a name for himself on the ultimate fighter. “If you can get through the gauntlet, you’re a stallion.”

Matt Riddle’s “Ridiculous” Full-Body Gauntlet Workout

In this workout, filmed on location at Jacked and Jilled gym in Portland, ME, Riddle listed a group of exercises for each body part.

You do all three chest [exercises] right in a row. All three back, right in a row.

Here are the exercises, followed by a breakdown of the workout. It was comprised of three rounds of each followed by the finisher:

  • chest
  • Back
    • Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows — x 10-15 (on each side)
    • Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows — x 10-15 (on each side)
    • “DDP” Dumbbell Pullovers — x 10-15
  • Legs
  • arms
    • “Bushwhackers” — x 10-20
    • “Sheamo’s” — x 10-20
    • “The Warriors” — 30 ​​seconds
  • Bonus Riddle Exercise
    • Mountain Climbers — 30 ​​seconds
  • The Finisher

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Workout Breakdown

Rattling through many exercises with minimal rest, Riddle focuses on breathing to make the workout more manageable. “In through your nose, out through your mouth,” he advised.

The “Original Bro” showed off his superior conditioning by demonstrating the first round with relative ease, allowing Sheamus to try the circuit. During the alternating dumbbell bench press, Riddle had the host rotate his arms “like a punch” to extend his range of motion each rep.

Sheamus modified the dumbbell push-ups to standard regular push-ups. For rows, the former MMA athlete concentrates on the concentric, thrusting back deep, like loading for a strike.

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During the pullovers, Riddle wants the most motion out of every minute. Sheamus clasped his hands together in a diamond shape in a nod to wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

As he began his squats, Sheamus was still nailing his form correctly. Riddle observed:

Slow down, explode up.

Riddle, who never seems to run out of energy, kept himself busy with some pull-ups from the sidelines. Next up was the tire flip. Sheamus executed the “Bushwackers,” “Sheamo’s,” and “Warriors” — variations of the biceps curl, shoulder press, and lateral raise designed to emulate the signature moves of iconic WWE superstars.

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Having completed one round each separately, the WWE grapplers took on the second and third rounds simultaneously. Sheamus kept up with Riddle move for move, but as the lactic acid seeped in, Riddle forged ahead.

He’s an animal.

With sweat dripping through his t-shirt, Sheamus struggled when the tire flip came around again.

I’ve been training my whole life. The harder it is, the more fulfilled you feel when you finish it. It’s all part of the journey.

Undeterred, both attacked the final round of mountain climbers. Sheamus hit the showers after Riddle’s brutal ab training.

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