WrestleMania Ready — WWE’s Cody Rhodes and Sheamus’ Full Body Supersets Workout

WrestleMania Ready — WWE's Cody Rhodes and Sheamus' Full Body Supersets Workout

In episode 127 of the hit YouTube series “Celtic Warrior Workouts,” host Sheamus was joined by Cody Rhodes. They squeezed in one last workout before the biggest nights in their respective pro wrestling careers: WrestleMania 39.

Both wrestlers are currently among the best in the world in the squared circle, and their phenomenal shapes are partly responsible for that. Rhodes recently fully recovered from a torn pectoral muscle sustained during a bench press in training. In a frank conversation with Sheamus, Rhodes admitted the injury might have been exacerbated by failing to warm-up properly.

Show muscles have to be go muscles — nutrition, hydration, and conditioning. The biggest thing was moving away from heavy lifting and getting into a lot of bodyweight stuff.

Since then, “The American Nightmare” has learned to take greater care with muscle-building. Check out their workout in the video below:

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Cody Rhodes’ “Cody Cutter” Full Body Workout

In this workout, filmed on location at Rhodes’ Nightmare Factory wrestling school and gym in McDonough, GA, Sheamus and Rhodes were joined by bodybuilder and trainer “Little Thunder” Carolyn Cuellari, who led the session. Below is the complete workout:


The Workout

Three rounds each with 30 seconds rest between rounds of:

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Workout Breakdown

“We’re going to do two exercises per workout and superset everything,” explained Cuellari before starting a warm-up designed to extend their range of motion without taxing the muscles. The short 30-second rest period between exercises introduced a cardio element to the session.

Leg Extensions & leg curl

“Full extension, squeezing that quad,” instructed Cuellari as the WWE duo began the main workout. “You want that teardrop [muscle] — point those toes up to the ceiling.” Cuellari increased the weight each round to ensure the athletes challenged themselves. With WrestleMania 39 right around the corner, both men were keen to complete 15 reps.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown & Seated Rows

“I like to start light to moderate,” said Cuellari, who used the first set as a warm-up by going super light before ramping up the weight incrementally.

If lifting heavy, go anywhere from eight to 10 [reps]. If going lighter…go to that 12-15 [rep range]maybe even 15-20.

Cuellari is a big fan of taking reps to full extension, so during the seated rows, the bodybuilder made sure that Rhodes leaned forward to stretch his lats before contracting for each rep. “We’re working secondary muscles, too,” shared Cuellari, such as the biceps. Sheamus and Cody took their time with the concentrics, squeezing the scapula to help grow wider backs.

Plate Presses & EZ Bar Overhead Triceps Extensions

Sheamus and Rhodes executed plate presses designed to work the chest and triceps before moving on to the overhead triceps extensions. Cuellari prefers a close grip to activate the triceps better. She advised that the elbows stay tucked while keeping the core tight.

Seated Shoulder Press, Side Raises, & bicep curls

For the shoulder press, the wrestlers were advised to keep their palms facing forward and their elbows angled at 90 degrees. Cuellari instructed the grapplers to use a light bend in their elbows on lateral raises.

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By alternating the grip on the curls, the trio hit the biceps from different angles, activating each head of the biceps. Cuellari shared that the EZ bar hits the mid part of the biceps, while the hammer curl hits the top of the long head and builds the brachialis adding to the thickness of their aesthetics.

The Finisher

The WWE icons went all out on the last set, pushing a plate along the floor, made more challenging by the friction of the carpet. Sheamus felt the burn in his quads. “Slow and steady,” advised Cuellari. They did three lengths before agreeing to race the final furlong.

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