World champion Tobi Amusan faces one-year ban for missed drug tests

World champion Tobi Amusan faces one-year ban for missed drug tests

Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan, the reigning world champion and world record holder in the 100m hurdles, is currently facing a potential one-year suspension for three missed drug tests within 12 months.

According to a post on Amusan’s Instagram on Tuesday evening, she was charged with missing three drug tests within 12 months. If an athlete misses three doping tests, it can result in a suspension of up to two years, even if the athlete has never failed a drug test. The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), the body responsible for handling doping cases in track and field, charged Amusan even though she claims to have been tested within days of her third missed test.

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Amusan expressed her intention to challenge the charge and have her case decided by a tribunal of three arbitrators before the upcoming World Championships next month. Amusan claims that she is a clean athlete and asserts that she undergoes regular testing by the AIU. She remains hopeful that the situation will be resolved in her favor, which would allow her to compete and defend her world title at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest next month.

Tobi Amusan
Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Ore. Photo: Kevin Morris

The 26-year-old became Nigeria’s first world record holder and world champion in the 100m hurdles at the 2022 World Athletics Championships, where she clocked a resounding world record of 12.12 seconds in the semifinals and a wind-aided 12.06 seconds to win the final .

This season, Amusan currently holds the second-best time in the world with a recorded time of 12.34, achieved on July 16 at Silesia Diamond League in Poland. The current world lead is held by the reigning Olympic gold medalist in the event, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn of Puerto Rico, who recorded a time of 12.31 seconds in May.

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