Why do you need cycling insurance? -Cycle Savvy

Why do you need cycling insurance?  -Cycle Savvy

Wondering whether you need cycling liability insurance or how to cover your gear against theft?

In short, cycling insurance isn’t required by law. Only you can decide whether you need it and what level of cover suits you best, but this can be difficult when there’s so much to take in.

Here we cover everything you should know when you’re looking to take out cycling insurance, including why it’s important and the options available.

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What is cycling insurance?

Cycling insurance is financial protection for your bike, equipment, and your third-party liability to others whilst out riding.

Many cyclists use their bikes daily, whether for commuting or keeping fit. With so many other road users and pedestrians using the same routes, cycling isn’t without its risks.

While home insurance could provide some protection if your bike is stolen from your property, it usually doesn’t cover theft away from the home.

Specialist cycling insurance will cover a wide range of risks, including bike theft away from home or from a motor vehicle, and your legal liability if you accidentally injure someone or cause property damage while riding your bike.

You can also opt to cover your bicycle accessories up to £1,000 with Cycleplan, so you don’t need to worry about being out of pocket if your gear is targeted.

What is cycling liability insurance?

Cycling liability insurance protects your legal liability if you are deemed liable for accidentally injuring someone or damaging property whilst cycling.

Say you fail to spot a pedestrian walking out in front of you and you hit them, or you cause damage to a car you’re passing. Cycling liability insurance can cover the costs of any claims made against you, so you don’t have to foot the bill.

It isn’t required by law, but you might want to consider cycling liability insurance for peace of mind when you’re out on your bike.

At Cycleplan, we arrange up to £5m of Public Liability cover, so you can decide how much you need.

What is cycling equipment insurance?

If you’re a keen cyclist, you probably have a collection of gear such as a helmet, specially-made clothing and a good pair of shoes to make your rides more comfortable.

You might also have mounted cameras, lights, and GPS units to record your rides and track your progress.

Cycling equipment insurance protects your gear against theft and damage where there’s also a claim to your bike, so you don’t have to worry about losing your investment.

Here at Cycleplan, we arrange up to £1,000 of cover for bike accessories, so you can get geared up and back in the saddle as soon as possible if you’re a victim of theft or malicious damage.

Why do you need cycling insurance?

While cycling insurance isn’t a legal requirement, knowing you are protected in the worst-case scenarios can help you relax and enjoy each ride and adventure you embark on.

Cycling liability insurance gives added peace of mind when you’re out on the road and even when riding abroad in unfamiliar locations, where accidents could be more likely to occur.

You can also choose Personal Accident cover to provide financial compensation in the event of death or permanent disablement if you seriously injure yourself, or for breaking or fracturing certain bones or requiring emergency dental work.

Research shows one in three household policies don’t cover bikes away from home. Knowing your bike and equipment are protected through specialist bike insurance wherever you take them is the ultimate reassurance, as losing them could be devastating.

What is covered when you take out cycling insurance?

If you own a bike and take out cycling insurance, you’re typically covered for a range of events that could cause damage to your bike or result in a liability claim. The coverage that is included as standard at Cycleplan is:

  • cycle cover—up to £30,000 of cover for theft, loss, and damage, and replacement on a ‘New for Old’ basis on items up to three years old
  • Cycle accessories—up to £1,000 of cover for theft, loss, or damage to cycle accessories, including helmets, shoes, jerseys or vests, base layers, gilets, goggles, jackets, shorts, trousers, wetsuits, backpacks, helmet-mounted cameras, cycle computers, GPS units, luggage, tools, cycling armor and guards
  • public liability—either £1m, £2m and £5m of cover for accidental bodily or mental injury, death or disease, or accidental damage to any person or third-party property which arises from cycling
  • personal accident—up to £50,000 of cover if you’re involved in an accident whilst cycling which results in death, personal disablement, loss of limbs, loss of sight, hospitalisation, physio, broken bones and dental treatment
  • Loss of earnings—up to £750 per week as a result of an accident whilst using a bicycle
  • Replacement cycle hire—up to £1,000 from an authorized dealer following a claim for your bike
  • cool cover—covers the cost of a civil claim following a road accident

You can also tailor your cycling insurance policy by adding additional cover you may require. Optional extensions here at Cycleplan include the following:

  • competitive use—cover within organized contests from which a winner is selected (sports are covered as standard)
  • European or Worldwide cover—30 days for the European Union and 45 days Worldwide
  • excess waiver—remove all excesses applicable on the policy

When choosing an insurance provider, look out for the freedom to choose how much cover you need rather than a one-size-fits-all policy. You can save money by ensuring you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.

Things that are not covered by cycling insurance

Cycling insurance provides coverage for a range of potential risks, but there are some aspects that are not typically covered. Some common exclusions of cycling insurance policies include:

  • intentional damage caused by yourself or any other person living with you
  • Loss or damage caused by decay, wear and tear, vermin, atmospheric or climactic conditions, manufacturing faults, deterioration or mechanical derangement
  • Consequences that are a direct result of war or terrorism

When taking out cycling insurance, always remember to carefully review your policy so that you understand exactly what is and is not covered. That way, you avoid any complications should you need to make a claim.

Specialist cycling insurance through Cycleplan

At Cycleplan, we believe that insurance should be easy to buy and excellent value, and keeping our customers happy is at the core of everything we do. There’s a reason we have 94% positive reviews on Trustpilot.

We arrange great cover and provide exceptional service at our best price through our Ripe Guarantee, so you’ll only ever pay for the cover you need.

Whether your priority is cycling liability insurance, equipment insurance, or all the above, you can get a bespoke quote now and customize your policy.

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