What’s the best London Marathon hotel for runners?

What’s the best London Marathon hotel for runners?

Esther is running her second London Marathon in April 2023. Nerves are jangling, carbs are being consumed at an all-time high, and maranoia is rife. It’s all we’re talking about on the podcast!

If you’ve been listening to Esther’s updates on the Women’s Running podcast, you’ll know that the final marathon prep for a huge race like London can be a bit overwhelming. And the most stressful part is knowing where to stay the night before race-day.

Being unfamiliar with a city can make it really hard to choose the location of the hotel. Even once you’ve picked an area, picking the right place can be tough. Will they allow me to store my suitcase there while I race? Is breakfast early enough for me to get those carbs in before the start time? The list of questions is endless.

In October 2022, Esther found the Westin London City. “I stayed at the Westin before the October marathon, and it was just a total joy,” she said. “I will never forget the size of the bed – it was absolutely enormous, I just wanted to dive into it.”

This five-star riverside hotel offers runners everything you need throughout the weekend, from pre-marathon stretching classes to complimentary post finish line bubbles and spa treatments. Esther loved her stay there so much, she’s heading there again ahead of the 2023 marathon. “It ticks all the boxes: the location is spot on – you even run past it during the marathon! – the rooms are gorgeous, and everyone there was incredibly helpful.”

And, because Westin Hotels & Resorts are now a partner of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, there are even more perks for esteemed Six Star Finishers!

Why should runners stay here?

As the big day approaches, runners who are staying at The Westin London City hotel can take part in a soft yoga and stretching class on Saturday 22nd April with Bala, which will bring strength and relaxation to runners and – importantly – help you sleep better. Sleeping the night before a big race can often be elusive, so it’s worth prioritizing your wellbeing.

Speaking of which, runners can also take advantage of the Westin’s Gear Lending Program: you can hire high-tech recovery and total body strength training equipment from Bala and Hyperice to help pound those DOMS away.

Pre-race fuel options

We all know that carbs are the priority the night before a big race, and Westin are here to support us with that! The hotel is hosting a feast folder on Saturday 22nd April in hotel restaurant Mosaic. “I gorged myself on a vegan option last October before the 2022 race,” says Esther. “I thought I was going to be too nervous to eat, but somehow I managed two helpings… Was this the reason I had a comfortable marathon? I’m not ruling it out.”

And it doesn’t end there: all marathon runners booked into The Westin London City on the night before the race receives a customized package, including protein snacks, a small towel and stretching bands. And we all like a reward for a run, right?

marathon support

Westin have really put their heart and soul into the marathon experience, both for runners and for supporters.

Their special Marathon Zone offers:

  • curated itineraries to help runners and supporters make the most of their marathon weekends (because – shh – it’s not all about the marathon)
  • For supporters, there’s a poster-designing station so you can create a celebratory sign, along with pom poms and cowbells to cheer them on – we love this!
  • And all runners will receive a Westin Eat Well energy box including protein gels, fruits and water to keep them fueled on the run.

And whether you’re doing London, or taking on one of the other Majors, the experience will be just as luxurious, wherever you are.

six star finishers

For some runners, one marathon isn’t enough. If London is your final Major, then you’re in for extra treats when you stay at the Westin, because the hotel has partnered with AbbottWMW to support and celebrate Six Star Finishers.

For incredible athletes who have completed all six Majors in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City, your perks include:

  • A guided pre race shakeout run the day before the Marathon
  • A complimentary Hypericehypersphere miniand bullet resistance bands for runners who show their Six Star Finisher bib while staying at Westin during race weekend (on a first-come, first-served basis)

What happens after the marathon?

And now for the important bit. Once the marathon is over (just picture yourself at the finish line, you *can* do it), and you’ve had a chance to eat all the food and have a little weep, the Westin London City’s Thames-side wine bar Hithe + Seek is inviting runners, friends and family in for a glass of bubbles and a toast to the accomplishments of the day – free for all of you well-deserving marathon finishers who show their medal.

If you’re staying at the Westin, do come and say hi before or after the race, so we can share hugs and stories!

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