We Asked, You Answered: How did you get into cycling?

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We were keen to find out how skedaddlers got into the wonderful world of cycling and we’ve received a wide range of answers on our Facebook page and from our amazing guides from around the world too! Check out some of our favorite responses from our social media followers and our team on their experiences that ultimately led to the love of life on two wheels…

Q: What got you passionate about pedallin’?

Bikes have always been part of my life and have given me a sense of freedom since I was a small child riding my tiny bike around the Sardinian countryside. I cherished my bike more than any doll! When I got my first paycheck as an adult, I bought myself a new Cannondale Mountain Bike, which I used to travel and explore the world. When on a bike, immersed in a country, you are in direct contact with nature, people, cultures and events, and these are what enriched my life the most. – Naomi Lindfield, head of Skedaddle Italia

We are more famous in Ethiopia for runners such as Haile Gebrselassie but whilst I love to run I found that I could see more by bike and get out of my hometown of Gondar (which we visit in the Skedaddle trip) and escape its hustle and bustle quicker by bike. I started in tourism by taking tourists around Gondar Castle and eventually was able to buy a bike with the money I’d saved from this. – Chewy, our guide in Ethiopia

Growing up on the Pennines, outdoor activity was a way of survival. Mountain biking became an extension of that survival and the best way to get from the hills into the valley and back. – Dan Hirst, head of Skedaddle spain

The freedom to go where I want just with the strength of my body and the willpower of my mind. The eyes full of wonder when I reach new places, the emotion when performing a task that I thought impossible before, the adrenaline along a descent with the wind that makes me weep and the breathing’s self-control during a climb. The sociability in sharing big and small adventures with fellow cyclists, friends or people just known with whom begin strong relations, the magic and power of the group, ready to support you all the time! – Cristina, our guide in Italy

I had a paper round from 11 years old, it’s clear it was a tough paper-round by my craggy looks (those sunday supplements were a killer)! Was always out and about on my bike too and loved blasting around the local cycle-speedway track and bombing through the park on the Tracker I made out of old parts in the garage. Would have loved a Grifter but times were hard in the 70’s. – Andrew Straw, co-founder of Saddle Skedaddle

I’ve had passion for cycling since I was a kid. I grew up in Kandy which is quite hilly. Cycling was an exciting way to get around! – Rakitha, our guide in Sri Lanka

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