USA Weightlifting National Championships 2017 — Cobra Weightlifting

USA Weightlifting National Championships 2017 — Cobra Weightlifting

This year the National Olympic Weightlifting Championships was held in Chicago at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. I’ve got to say a fantastic venue with some great atmosphere for some of the greatest talent in the USA.

Notable performances came from Jessica Lucero (58kg) setting a new record in the senior division in the clean and jerk completing a lift of 116kg. That’s double bodyweight fellas and if you’re a lifter you know that’s no easy feat. Also with that lift she went on to match her own USA senior total record of 208kg. You can see the video here:

Jessica Lucero’s 116kg Clean & Jerk Video

Another impressive performance came from youngster Megan Seegert in the under 48kg weight category. At just 18 years old she snatched 77kg setting a new USA record in the junior division by a whopping 4kg. You can see the video here:

Megan Seegert’s 77kg Snatch Video

Caitlin Hogan in the 53kg weight category from Long Beach, California representing Waxman’s Gym went back to back defending the title she won last year in this weight class. She went 4/6 taking gold with snatching 84kg and clean & jerking 106kg to give her a total of 190kg.

Results as of now are below, with more to come shortly as they come out.

Alyssa Ritchey (48kg) from Fort Collins, Colorado representing Team Juggernaut (78kg snatch – 96kg clean & jerk – 174kg total)

Caitlin Hogan (53kg) from Long Beach, California representing Waxman’s Gym (84kg snatch – 106kg clean & jerk – 190kg total)

Michael Fox (56kg) from Rose Hill, Kansas representing Team Juggernaut (106kg snatch – 132kg clean & jerk – 238kg total)

Jessica Lucero (58kg) from Tustin, California representing Catalyst Athletics (92kg snatch – 116kg clean & jerk – 208kg total)

Derrick Johnson (62kg) from West Hollywood, California representing Texas Barbell Club (120kg snatch – 142kg clean & jerk – 262kg total)

John Stang (69kg) from Corvallis, Oregon representing Mash Mafia Weightlifting (123kg Snatch – 153kg clean & jerk – 278kg total)

Angelo Bianco (77kg) from Las Vegas, Nevada representing Average Broz Gymnasium (145kg snatch – 175kg clean & jerk – 320kg total)

Plenty more action to come from the USA’s premier Olympic Weightlifting event in 2017. Stay tuned for more videos and photos that’s sure to come in the next few days.

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