The Quoc x Restrap Sandal first look—Are they cycling sandals?

The Quoc x Restrap Sandal first look—Are they cycling sandals?

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When it comes to footwear, I have far too much. Between cycling and all of my other hobbies, I have more options than I know what to do with. So when Quoc and Restrap reached out about a collaboration they were working on I said yes. With very little info, I thought it could be another cleat mountable sandal that is fun to have but would likely not get used too often with my style of riding.

Well, it turns out I was wrong because these don’t fit a cleat. However, they might even be more useful than I had imagined. Since I do surf pretty often, you will find me wearing sandals pretty often, but they are almost always flip-flops. This means they don’t function well if I am wearing socks, like before and after a ride.

I am all about comfort and convenience, but I also put a very high emphasis on quality. These Quoc x Restrap Sandals are much nicer than I had imagined. Too often, sandals are produced to hit a specific price point, normally very low. These seem to be produced without as much emphasis on hitting some crazy low price. They are even made in the UK. If I’m being honest, it is nearly the last place I would expect sandals to come from.

The fit is good, and the EVA sole has good flex but enough support that I feel like I could spend a full day in them. While I live in the normally scorching heat of Southern California, these arrived on a week that has been colder than normal and not sandal weather for me.

The microfiber leather is well-placed and has a good balance of coverage. The straps are very high quality, with a strong hook and loop adjustability. The center strap also features a quick-release feature that allows you to attach the sandals to a bag without adjusting the tension and fit. This makes them a great option if paired with a Restrap bikepacking saddle bag. You wouldn’t need to pack them away. You could just let them hang off the back and leave room in the bag for dry clothes and supplies.

While these are not exactly cycling sandals as I expected, they are coming from brands that know about quality cycling shoes and gear. At $130, they are also not cheap, but they wouldn’t be my most expensive sandals either. For me, these are great options to take to events and races. They are light and comfortable, but most importantly, they work with or without socks. I don’t do much bike packing, but if I can get Neil Shirley to come back to SoCal and do the 150-mile hammerfest from northern LA to San Diego Pizza Port ride, I assure you these will be strapped to my bag and ready for the train ride home.


Heritage bikepacking gear maker, Restrap, and leading footwear brand, QUOC, have collaborated to develop an all-new sandal, designed to cater for the needs of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With this collaboration, Restrap and QUOC have brought together their unique expertise to create a perfect blend of style and functionality for all adventures.

The QUOC x Restrap Sandal

The QUOC x Restrap Sandal is a collaboration that unites two British brands with over two decades of footwear innovation and bikepacking experience between them. Handmade in the UK, it exists to bridge comfort and style with functionality and adventure.

The sandal is designed as the ultimate post-ride slip-on, combining casual comfort with minimalist elegance, with a flair of functionality.

The sandal features an anatomically designed footbed, with excellent cushioning and arch shaping. Its grippy anti-slip tread makes it perfectly suited for those relaxed hours after a long day in the saddle, whether it be a woodland campsite, a night in the hammock by the beach or exploring around town.

The extra-thick webbing straps work with QUOC’s signature microfibre to fasten over your saddle bag with a locking buckle, allowing for quick and convenient carrying while on a long tour, saving packing space in your bikepacking bags. With Restrap’s innovative shaping and bonding, these straps are strong, durable and provide maximum comfort while allowing full adjustability for the perfect fit.


  • Grippy anti-slip outdoor tread for traction and stability on any terrain
  • Soft but durable microfibre ensures maximum comfort
  • Adjustable velcro straps for a tailored fit
  • Detachable strapping to fix around a Saddle Bag while bikepacking
  • Comfortable off and on the bike in all conditions
  • Two ways to wear – slip on like a slider or use the heel retention for longer periods
  • Made in the UK

MSRP: $129.99 USD | £84.99 GBP | €99.99 EUR

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