The new Rocky Mountain Solo gravel bike gets updated

The new Rocky Mountain Solo gravel bike gets updated

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Rocky Mountain is one of those bike brands that seems to always be on the leading edge of things. I mean, they must have been the first bicycle company on the internet because somehow they obtained When it comes to drop bars, the Canadian brand hasn’t been as active, but the Solo gravel bike originally hit the market in 2018 with a very mountain bike oriented design.

Originally the alloy frame had asymmetrical chainstays and 1x only configuration. There was a carbon fork, but it used a 15×100 thru axle, while most brands were going 12mm. The original frame fits up to 700x40mm or 650Bx2.2 tires and had internal cable routing as well as dropper post compatibility.

For this new generation of the Solo, Rocky has made some significant updates that make the bike an exciting competitor in a segment that keeps growing. There will now be a carbon version with what they are calling Smoothwall carbon. There is also an alloy version, and both have updated geometry.

From our first glance at the geometry, the biggest change is the bottom bracket drop has been extended. This brings the rider’s center of gravity down. There are now matching dropped chainstays that maintain the same 42.5cm center to rear length. The other big change is the dropped seat stays. We don’t have any time on the new version, but this will likely improve compliance as well as help lateral stiffness.

“The Solo gives me the freedom to explore from the prairies to the mountains, and it’s handled everything I have thrown its way. It’s an extremely well-balanced bike whether it’s loaded down with gear or not. It’s definitely a Rocky Mountain- it rides best when things get wild!” —Ryan Anderson, Rocky Mountain Athlete

While it might seem unfashionable, Rocky added a front derailleur option. This opens the bike up to so many more build options and will likely make it a popular option for those doing endurance-type rides or even more paved rides. Sure, the geo is long for a road bike, but it would be a very stable bike even when loaded down with a few days worth of gear. From the info we received, Rocky won’t offer any 2x build stock, but the option is there for those that want the option.

Rocky Mountain claims the same tire fitment before of 700×40 or 650bx2.2 but now with fenders. For those that want to go big, they claim the max is 29 x 2.0 (700 x 50mm) or 650b x 2.2. The Carbon fork has also been updated and uses what has become the industry standard of 12x100mm.

Smoothwall Carbon
Smoothwall carbon uses one of the world’s most sophisticated carbon processes to deliver stiffness-to-weight, ride quality, and durability. It eliminates excess resin and fibers by using rigid internal molds instead of traditional air bladders. Then use different types of carbon in specific frame areas to maximize stiffness and impact resistance while minimizing overall weight.

RMB 6061 Alloy
RMB 6061 custom alloy balances strength, weight, and value. The heart of every bike is its frame, and this tubing allows us to produce a high-quality frame in an economical package.

refined design
Blend of fast and light. From gravel to trails to singletrack.

durability first
Tested to meet mountain bike frame-testing standards.

Incredibly stable means more confidence to go faster through the rough stuff.

soak it up
Increased vertical compliance on carbon models with our unique seat tube design for increased comfort.

Choose your own adventure
Perfectly suited for gravel racing, bikepacking, and anything in between.

On the inside
Fully-enclosed internal routing, including Di2 downtube panel/battery holder.

water bottle compatibility
Mount up to 4 bottles inside the frame.

All the mounts
Mount as many bottles, bags, or accessories you need with 12 mounting points on the frame, and 8 on the fork.

Dropper compatibility
For added versatility.

Learn more about the new Solo at

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