The new Hope Pro 5 Hub is faster, stiffer, and stronger – Sea Otter Classic 2023 randoms

The new Hope Pro 5 Hub is faster, stiffer, and stronger – Sea Otter Classic 2023 randoms

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The Sea Otter Classic has come and passed, but there’s so much more good stuff to share.

Our latest roundup includes a cutaway of the internals of the new Hope Pro 5 hubs, one of our favorite modular bike racks, a new prototype helmet buckle system that avoids pinching you, and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned for even more coverage of everything that caught our eyes at the 2023 Sea Otter Classic, and catch up on our coverage here.

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The Pro 5 hub retains its six-pawl freehub, but Hope claims the new system maintains engagement with 3 pawls at a time. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

Another look at the new offset six-pawl freehub design. One would think this design is particularly draggy, but Hope claims exactly the opposite. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

In typical Hope fashion, the company offers its hubs in a range of anodized colors. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

Hope has also developed a range of Centerlock-compatible rotors in those same anodized options. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

Aeroe showed off its Spider rear rack, a modular rack system that allows bikes without mounting points to carry bags, accessories, and more. Here it is with a pannier adapter that includes the platform at the top of the rack and small wings for the pannier to grab onto at the bottom. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

The Spider Rack mount uses a pair of silicone-coated straps on each side that attach to the brackets. The resulting mount felt rock solid. Perhaps more importantly, the rack seems agnostic to things like frame size, materials, and dropper post compatibility, things that usually give other racks trouble. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

Aeroe’s rack can accept any number of accessories from Aeroe, including this cradle that can securely carry a dry bag or tent. Like Aeroe’s other accessories, this cradle mounts using four bolts that tighten down a clamp around the rack. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)
A look at Aeroe’s bag cradle. With an adapter, it can be used as a handlebar bag mount for your dry bag or whatever else you can get in there. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)
A pretty sweet new tool from Topeak is the Power Lever Pro. Beyond the tire lever, it hides Three chain tools. A chain breaker, as well as master link pliers. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)
The new Selle SMP F30C si is the Italian brand’s latest saddle. It looks quite a bit different than other Selle SMP saddles, with a shorter length and wide central channel. It still has the characteristic dropped nose and a wide range of saddle rail adjustment. The F30C itself is offered with either carbon or Stainless steel rails. (Photo: Troy Templin/CyclingTips)
We got a sneak peek at the Lindarets Magnetic Buckle that moves the retention to the side. This low-profile system is extremely slim and low profile with a claimed 42% weight reduction from an average buckle. (Photo: Troy Templin/CyclingTips)
The Michelin Power Adventure was on display. It is not available in the States yet, but maybe this is a hint of what is coming. The display indicated that it is offered in sizes 30mm, 36mm, 42mm, and 48mm. (Photo: Troy Templin/CyclingTips)

Orucase Cardboard box for shipping bicycles
Drumroll please…the most exciting product at Sea Otter is: a cardboard box? Well maybe it’s not the most thrilling thing, but the Orucase Cardboard Box is a flexible option for shipping bikes. It telescopes between 48 inches and 62 inches so you only pay to ship the volume you use. It has an estimated five round trip lifespan.

Orucase Cardboard box for shipping bicycles
The Orucase Cardboard Box will be available summer 2023 and is expected to cost $50 plus $15 shipping costs. It has been designed for minimal to no need for taping as well, helping with longevity.

Chapstick Holder company
Another day of stopping by Chap-Snap, the company that lets you carry your lip balm on your wrist, belt loop, or elsewhere. I will have this in my hands one way or another! (Image: Alvin Holbrook/CyclingTips)

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