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Skedaddle picnics are without a doubt legendary! We take picnics very seriously. Our guides are highly trained professional picnic makers and inter-guide rivalry keeps picnic standards high. So what are the 5 key ingredients in a great Skedaddle picnic, we hear you ask?

Every day has to be different with a mix of new surprises and some confirmed favourites. There is always something for everyone and particular care is taken for anyone with any special requirements; whether that is being vegan, gluten intolerant or just having penchant for a certain brand of chocolate biscuit. Listening to people’s food chat and monitoring the table to see what gets polished off first helps to make sure the ‘menu du jour’ is always a crowd pleaser.

Cycling requires a certain amount of energy to keep you going during the day and to ensure your recovery afterwards. Skedaddle picnics are highly nutritious to make sure you are getting everything you need during the day. They are also shaped to the days ride and the climate. If it’s hot then expect more fresh juicy fruit to quench your thirst and something salty to help your electrolyte balance when you sweat. On cold days then something a little extra filling can help. Every picnic table has a good balance of healthy options and also a little something naughty to keep spirits and energy levels high!

A key part of a Skedaddle journey is learning about the culture of the country you are visiting and food is invariably an important part of it. Where possible we use small shops and farmer’s markets for the freshest food possible. We seek out the best foods available locally and always try to find something unique to the area for that day. On our iconic long journeys, such as St Malo to Nice, you may find that the cheese you adored one day can’t be found the next as foods are so specific to the terroir of the region. We try to surprise you, maybe with some apple juice from an orchard we cycled through or fresh cherries from a road side seller or an unusual cake from the bakers. We love eating too!

Great Views
Picnics aren’t just about what is on the table, the joy of a picnic is eating outdoors somewhere beautiful and peaceful. When it comes to finding the perfect spot Skedaddle guides have got a well-practiced eye. Like the table there will always be a variety and no picnic spot is the same day to day. We know we have found a good lunch spot when the picnic is over yet we have to chase people back onto their bikes! Our favorite places involve cool shade, somewhere to sit, a river to dip your feet into, silence, seclusion and a stunning view (oh and toilets nearby!).

perfectly timed
As well as skilfully choosing the perfect picnic spot, it has to arrive at just the right moment in the ride. Really, planning picnics is a fine art! Too soon and no one is hungry, too late and riders will have been desperately scanning the horizon for a skedaddle van. To do this the route of the day needs to be considered, especially when the big hills are and the speed of the group. It takes some thinking about. The timing is right when the riders turn up saying, ‘I was just starting to feel peckish!’

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