The best women’s running leggings

The best women’s running leggings

What to look for when buying running leggings

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a pair of great women’s running leggings. A lot of these are down to personal choice, but are definitely worth thinking about before you head to the checkout.


This is key when it comes to taking your leggings out to the streets. Even the loveliest, softest fabric can cause a problem with all that repetitive movement and sweating, resulting in discomfort or chafing.

You’ll probably want to buy leggings made from sweat-wicking fabric, which is usually mentioned in the description. This helps to take away any moisture from the sweating situation, which will reduce irritation.

If you’re after warmth for winter running, base layer leggings exist. These can be made from lots of different fabrics, including more eco-friendly options like bamboo or merino wool. Similar to base layer tops, they keep the heat in while letting moisture out. Again, it’s worth reading the description to make sure that ‘sweat-wicking’ is mentioned.


This is an entirely personal choice, and will usually depend on your leg to torso proportions. These days, leggings tend to come in three length options: capri, 7/8 and full length. Some of us want full coverage from hips to heels. Others of us love to have an ankle out, or want to wear jazzy socks without bunched fabric underneath. It’s up to you!

waist fit

High-waist leggings seem to be the favorites at the moment, as they offer a secure fit and often have plenty of pocket space. They’re definitely not everyone’s favorite choice though, so do try on different rise options to see what feels most comfortable to you. An internal waist tie can be really useful as well when it comes to running leggings, as it allows you to tighten them after putting them on. This ensures that they stay in place as you run.


This is another key part of the comfort equation. Generally speaking, seamless leggings will offer the most comfort as you don’t have any thick fabric or stitching rubbing in unpleasant places. These do however have their downsides – usually this means no pockets, and a looser fit.


If you’re anything like us, you love pockets. Like, really LOVE pockets. A lot of running leggings come with a zipped back pocket as standard – so handy for keys and a phone. Others also include side pockets, which are great for easy access to things like gels. That being said, this extra weight can contribute to leggings slipping down as you run, so wearing something like a running belt instead could be a better bet.


Some leggings offer compression. This means that they fit more tightly than normal running leggings, offering a compressing effect to our legs and muscles. This is said to help support our muscles, joints and tendons as we run, and improve blood circulation. They’re usually less comfy than non-compression leggings, but are a good option for times when you want a performance boost.

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