The 9 best cycling jerseys for every season – Cycle Savvy

The 9 best cycling jerseys for every season - Cycle Savvy

Choosing your cycling gear is as important as finding the right bike. It must be purpose-built and of good enough quality to support you through your rides.

It can be tempting to hit the sales and find the cheapest cycling jersey to match your current gear, especially when you’re new to cycling. But with the latest technological advancements, cutting corners could mean you could miss getting the most out of your training.

That’s where our list comes in. Our research has enabled us to create a list of the best cycling jerseys on the market this year.

We’ve also included a guide on choosing a jersey, so you can confidently make your decision.

Best cycling jerseys for summer

cycling jersey image from bora hansgrohe

If you’re a fan of the BORA-Hansgrohe cycling team, there’s no better way to show your support than donning their jersey.

Not only does it have a unique design, but it’s perfect for cycling in the summer months. The bright colors and breathable fabric deflect heat and wick away sweat, keeping you cool on even the hottest days.

The jersey is constructed with knit stretch fabric that allows for better freedom of movement. This is essential in summer, as feeling restricted by your cycling jersey will make you uncomfortable and negatively impact your rides.

Do you need secure storage for your belongings? This jersey has four rear pockets, one of which is waterproof. Carrying energy gels, bars, and chews has never been easier.

The reflective designs keep you visible and safe when cycling in low-light conditions. It truly is one of the best summer cycling jerseys available this year.

cycling jersey image

One of the most budget-friendly cycling jerseys for summer is the M2 Westfalia from Siroko.

It comes in Siroko’s Race Slim Fit cut to guarantee a perfect fit around the waist and neck and offer maximum comfort.

The jersey is constructed with 100% breathable polyester and spandex fabrics to keep you cool during the hot season. The design is also optimal for evading the heat, thanks to white being the main color used.

One of its most notable features is the 100% aerodynamic short sleeves, designed to help you improve your time through drag reduction.

Others include a hidden zipper with an anti-friction guard and three secure pockets on the back for storage.

Currently available at half price, this is one of the best cheap cycling jerseys on our list.

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image of cycling jersey

A list combining the best cycling jerseys for summer wouldn’t be complete without one in sky blue.

Despite the minimalist design, there’s still some subtle reflective detailing for added visibility in darker conditions.

There are three pockets on the rear for storage so you can fuel your rides without carrying a backpack.

Ultra-lightweight nylon and elastane have been used to construct this jersey, offering increased freedom of movement and a waterproof membrane to protect you from seasonal showers.

It’s costly compared to other cycling jerseys on our list, but its all-weather functionality makes it a worthy investment. Without compromising thermoregulation, you could use this for your spring, autumn, or winter rides.

Best cycling jerseys for spring and autumn

image of cycling jersey from sundried

While black isn’t suitable during summer due to heat retention, it’s a stylish option for the colder seasons.

Despite its budget-friendly price, this is one of the best cycling jerseys in terms of design. The fade pattern gives it a sleek finish, and it would match with most cycling trousers or tights.

Crafted with 100% polyester, this jersey traps heat between your body and its fabric to keep you warm. The ergonomic ventilation panels will cool you down during warmer temperatures.

It’s incredibly versatile since it regulates your temperature in all conditions. This is ideal for spring or autumn in the UK when the weather can be unpredictable.

Alongside three rear pockets and reflective detailing, it also comes with silicone grips on the hem and sleeves to prevent it from riding up. This makes it one of the best cycling jerseys on our list in terms of comfort.

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cycling jersey image blue

This cycling jersey from Rapha’s collection is ideal for those warmer spring days where the heat takes you by surprise.

It’s crafted from 100% polyester and has mesh ventilation panels, giving it that dual ability to keep you warm when needed and wick away sweat in humid conditions. There’s also a fabric with a denser knit on the rear to keep you cool in intense sunlight.

Another unique feature is the wide elastic hem gripper that secures your jersey and prevents it from slipping around during your ride. It also comes with a super-soft collar and cuffs.

This cycling jersey provides maximum comfort and prevents distractions from getting in the way of your goals. At a mid-range price, this is quite impressive.

image of castelli cycling jersey

Combining race fit and weather protection in one, this is one of the best cycling jerseys in terms of versatility.

It offers total windproofing by being crafted with GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER material. On the front of the jersey is the 205 grade, which is better for insulation, and on the rear is the more breathable 203 grade.

Wearing this cycling jersey will protect you from the rain alongside wind, as it’s highly water-resistant and has forward-facing shoulder seams to prevent water from seeping through.

Since it’s intended for continuous, hard riding, it may not be ideal for keeping you insulated during pit stops— it may need to be accompanied by a waterproof in this situation. But it’s a great option for keeping warm during your rides whilst avoiding getting too hot if the sun appears.

Available in five color options, its versatility stretches beyond its use. These include:

  • fluorescent yellow
  • orange
  • professional red
  • savile blue
  • black

The price varies significantly based on your chosen colour, but this is expected from a high-end manufacturer used by professional cyclists. It’s good to have the option to customize your purchase!

There are two large pockets on the rear and an internal sleeve for storing belongings such as your house or car keys. This adds a layer of security and ensures your valuables are kept away from your refreshments.

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Best cycling jerseys for winter

tribal cycling jersey in black long sleeve

A budget-friendly option for those looking to upgrade their gear for the cold season, this is one of the best cheap cycling jerseys on the market.

It’s specifically designed for riding in winter and comes with long sleeves and fleece lining for chillier days. However, you won’t become too hot as the back and sleeves are crafted from highly breathable fabric to keep you ventilated.

Crafted from stretch fabric, this jersey provides extra comfort and is non-restrictive when cycling. It also has a silicone band inside the waist to hold it in place, so you needn’t worry about it riding up.

Safety is a priority with this cycling jersey. Its visibility has been certified up to EN1150 standard by an external Finnish laboratory, so you can rest assured it will provide a high level of protection in all conditions.

gore cycling jersey image

Thanks to its modern, innovative designs, Gore is a popular brand amongst cyclists. This thermal cycling jersey is no exception, as it keeps you insulated without compromising your style.

It’s designed with a modern aero road cycling fit, an ergonomically shaped collar and a dropped tail. The orange shade used for the design is striking and increases your visibility whilst looking great.

Speaking of visibility, it comes with black reflective transfers and reflective details already incorporated into the design.

Crafted with premium thermal fabric, the jersey is specifically designed for cold weather. It’s 84% ​​polyester, so it traps heat between your body and its fabric yet keeps you ventilated through the mesh inserts within its back.

A secure zip pocket on its rear will keep your valuables safe, whilst you can use the three gusseted back pockets to store your refreshments.

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parentini cycling jersey

Parentini’s unique Windtex membrane earned them their spot on our list of the best cycling jerseys in 2022. This is a heat regulating membrane that is:

  • windproof
  • waterproof
  • lightweight
  • elasticated
  • able to maintain the microclimate between the skin and fabric

Cycling in the cold is difficult, but this is a high-end winter cycling jersey designed to make this as comfortable as possible. You can technically use it in any season thanks to its Windtex technology, but it sets the standard for winter products of this kind.

The interior is made entirely of hydrophilic microfiber to wick sweat away from the body, keeping the jersey breathable and insulating.

Available in four color accents with a polished black design, you can customize your purchase and ensure this jersey matches the rest of your cycling gear.

There are three gusseted back pockets alongside a secure zip pocket, so storage isn’t limited despite focusing on weatherproofing.

How to choose the best cycling jersey

1. Material

Synthetic materials are usually the best for cycling jerseys, as they have better sweat-wicking capabilities than their natural counterparts.

The best materials are polyester and nylon, with others such as polypropylene or elastane making up smaller sections. These provide additional capabilities such as greater freedom of movement.

For natural materials, merino wool is an up-and-coming contender with the best sweat-wicking capabilities due to its soft and breathable texture. So if you’re looking for a more sustainable purchase, check out some merino wool cycling jerseys.

2. Fit

This depends on the type of rides you’ll be using the jersey for.

Race fit jerseys, such as the BORA-Hansgrohe jersey above, are designed for intense and fast-paced riding. They’re usually extremely tight-fitting and aerodynamic to allow you to pick up speed.

Relaxed or regular slim-fit jerseys are designed with long rides in mind, where you’ll be focusing on endurance. Their design is geared more towards comfort and has more wiggle room.

3. Weatherproofing

Opting for the first jersey you find without looking into its weatherproofing abilities could lead to some uncomfortable riding.

It’s good to ensure that the jersey you purchase suits your chosen riding conditions. To make this clearer, here are some example scenarios:

  • if you’re riding in summer, go for a jersey with sweat-wicking and quick-drying capabilities
  • if you’re riding in autumn/spring, go for one with multi-season weatherproofing
  • if you’re riding in winter, go for one with strong heat-trapping abilities as well as ventilation

4. Additional features

If you’re new to cycling, there are a few additional things to consider when choosing the best cycling jersey.

Poor quality alternatives usually overlook some of these features, which can be frustrating to discover once you’ve invested in a jersey and feel obliged to use it.

So, our key features to look out for before making your purchase include:

  • reflective detailing
  • zip guards
  • hem grippers
  • pockets (at least one zipped pocket is ideal)
  • weather-resistant fabrics
  • breathable fabrics

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