The 7 best electric bikes for kids in 2022 – Cycle Savvy

The 7 best electric bikes for kids in 2022 - Cycle Savvy

Finding the best electric bikes for your kids can be tough, especially with so many options available on the market.

It can be tempting to go for the most expensive model since they have a reputation for being the best due to having better specifications overall, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There is a range of cheaper electric bikes for kids with decent profiles that will stand the test of time.

In our top picks for children aged 5-12+, we’ve included everything from high-end models to cheaper alternatives. That way, you have everything you need to make the right selection.

blue yotsuba kids ebike

Key features:

  • Three-axis falling sensor and steering support
  • 3 different modes of progression
  • 24V4.0Ah lithium-ion battery for up to 2 hours run time

If you’re looking for the best electric bikes for kids aged 5-7 or whose height is over 100cm, we highly recommend this 16-inch model from Yotsuba.

Not only is it a relatively cheap electric bike for kids, but this product delivers the quality you’d expect from models that are twice the price.

Safety is one of its strong points, as it comes with a unique 3 axis falling sensor that shuts off the engine automatically when it senses a fall. It also comes with steering support to aid children without prior riding experience.

The bike’s design is lightweight yet sturdy and water-resistant to prevent wear and tear. It comes in either red or blue, and there are graphic decals included in the box to give it a sharper look.

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best electric bike for kids mondraker in red

Key features:

  • full suspension
  • Lightweight and compact MAHLE-Ebikemotion X-35 engine
  • MAHLE Ebikemotion display included

This model from Mondraker is best suited to the 8-11 years age range due to its 24” frame.

It comes with a MAHLE e-bike display system that gives it a mature feel, meaning kids won’t be asking for a new bike anytime soon when gifted the Mondraker F-Play!

It’s the first full suspension electric mountain bike for kids on the market, making it ideal for off-road riding. It comes with both fork X-Fusion Velvet and rear shock X-Fusion 02PRO R suspension for ultimate protection on rough terrain.

Equipped with Kenda Booster tires, also known as World Cup proven XC race tires, this bike can reach new limits when it comes to traction and speed. These factors are rarely considered together on standard mountain bikes, making this one of the most unique electric bikes for kids.

cube kids ebike

Key features:

  • hybrid functionality
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • bosh purion bike computer

Through their Reaction Hybrid Rooke model, CUBE has provided one of the most popular electric bikes for older kids. It’s suitable for those between 136 and 147cm tall.

It comes fitted with a BOSCH Active Line Plus motor complete with quiet cruising and a minimal pedal resistance at over 25kmh— not to mention it can be turned off if the rider wishes to ride it as a normal bike.

While it’s certainly not a cheap electric bike for kids, parents will rejoice in the minimal maintenance required for this bike, as the internally routed cables keep the gears in top shape.

This cable set-up leaves room for a dropper post upgrade, which would allow kids to quickly adjust their saddle whilst on the go and improve their confidence when riding trickier trails.

A Bosh Purion display comes mounted to the handlebars, making this bike a great choice for kids who take their riding seriously.

With this, they can track their:

  • speed
  • riding mode
  • creaks
  • trip distance
  • total distance
  • charge status

The t-shape bike saddle provides greater leg movement and is also fitted with shock-absorber rail pockets for maximum comfort on rough terrain. This prevents saddle soreness post-ride, which is a nice bonus for kids who like to ride their bikes most days!

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REVVI electric bikes for kids

Key features:

  • Removable rechargeable battery
  • Two speed settings
  • Twist and go throttle

Another pick for the 5-7 age bracket is the Revvi 16” junior electric bike. Available in seven different colors, it’s a great option for kids who want their bike to have some personality.

It’s the perfect electric bike for kids looking for something reminiscent of a mini motorcycle. It has a twist and go throttle for added novelty and a customizable number board that allows kids to decorate the bike with their name.

The battery can be charged either internally or externally and fully charged within six hours. The slow speed setting (8mph) lasts for approximately 1h 15mins and on the fast speed setting (12mph) approximately 40mins.

It can be used as a regular balance bike when the power is off due to being specially designed with a free wheels system.

Mondraker kids ebike in red

Key features:

  • MDK brushless 250w Output motor
  • Three power modes
  • Battery fully charged within an hour

inspired the design for this bike, which carries their legacy by sporting their identifying colours. It’s the ideal purchase for children whose parents know the quality behind the Mondraker name.

We discussed their model aimed at 8–11-year-olds above, but with 16” wheels, this bike is best suited to those aged 5-7 years old.

The battery is efficient for a kid’s e-bike as you can fully charge it within an hour. This is great news for parents with impatient kids who want their e-bike charged and ready to go most days after school.

There are three separate power modes, including:

  • balance (up to 8.1kmh)
  • fun (up to 12.1 km/h)
  • advanced (up to 17.7 km/h)

Despite being aimed at a younger market, it comes with an MDK LED display so riders can track their power mode and battery range whilst on the go.

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habike ebike for kids

Key features:

  • Yamaha PW-TE drive unit (20kmh)
  • Tektro M282 brakes
  • MTB frame

It may not be one of the cheapest electric bikes for kids, but it certainly packs a punch thanks to its quality build.

An MTB Hardtail frame is ideal for older children above 140cm who want to hit the trails on their e-bike. The sleek frame design is also available in three colours:

The Yamaha PW-TW unit will enable kids to keep up with the adults, even on steeper hills. It covers 20 km/h and has an Automatic Support Mode that adjusts to different terrains.

The 1.7” LED display has 7 functions, meaning older kids will benefit from a more mature and independent riding experience. The award-winning Tektro brakes will keep them safe no matter where they choose to ride.

Scott roxter ebike for kids

Key features:

  • BOSCH Active Plus engine
  • Syncros parts
  • Ideal for older kids and teens

The SCOTT Roxter eRide model has the most mature design on our list. With 26” wheels, it’s ideal for 9–12-year-old kids looking for an e-bike to ride during their teen years.

As with the CUBE model we discussed above, this bike comes fitted with a BOSCH Active Plus motor, complete with quiet cruising and a speed of 25kmh. It also looks incredibly sleek and is a great addition considering this bike’s price.

It sports multiple parts from Syncros, a bike component brand favored by professional cyclists. These include the following:

  • handlebar
  • h’stem
  • seatpost
  • seat

If you’ve got an older child on the lookout for a great e-bike, look no further than this quality model from SCOTT.

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