The 7 best cycling vloggers – Cycle Savvy

The 7 best cycling vloggers - Cycle Savvy

Would you describe yourself as a cycling fanatic?

If the answer’s yes, the chances are you don’t just enjoy cycling yourself. You probably also enjoy watching others cycle, and when you’re not out on the trails physically, you’re getting your fix somewhere online—like YouTube, for example.

Cycling is popular all over the world, and there are LOTS of popular cycling vloggers and YouTubers out there, both UK-based and overseas.

The best cycling vloggers love to go the extra mile (pardon the pun) with their content and are the kingpins of online communities, passionate about cycling.

As a cyclist, you’ll know there’s more to the sport than often meets the eye.

So, whether it’s tips, reviews, tricks, or just views of the open road in a far-away place you crave, we’ve rounded up 7 of the very best cycling vloggers and YouTubers to whet your appetite.


Berm Peak (AKA Seth’s Bike Hacks)

Subscribers: 2.4m

As channels cycling go, they don’t come much bigger than Berm Peak.

Seth is based in the USA and has been a huge part of the YouTube cycling community for a while now.

Focusing mainly on mountain biking, Seth’s videos have been watched more than 630m times in total—so he must be doing something right.

Berm Peak is the name of Seth’s backyard, which he, along with the help of others, spent four years turning into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park—all while documenting the process on his channel.

It’s one thing to enjoy cycling, but building your own park from scratch proves just how invested Seth is in all things bikes.

Although the park is now complete and in full operation, digging through the archives to watch its progress is still as fun now as it was then—we highly recommend it.

Seth’s mountain biking content is among the most comprehensive on YouTube, partly owing to the channel’s Diamondback sponsorship, which has been in place since the channel was just a year old.

Fast-forward to now, and a custom-built bike park later, the content quality has reached new highs still.

From showing off his newly-built trails, stunts, mountain bike maintenance and everything in between, Seth caters for every cyclist, regardless of age or experience.

Juliet Elliott

Subscribers: 106k

Former pro snowboarder and model turned cyclist Juliet Elliott has been named one of the most influential women in cycling by BikeBiz and ‘one to watch’ by YouTube. If that’s not a good enough introduction, we don’t know what it is.

She’s been on YouTube for more than a decade and usually uploads new cycling videos weekly.

Juliet is an adventure-loving, multi-discipline racer, experienced with fixed-gear crits, road bikes, cyclocross, gravel and mountain bikes, and bikepacking.

She’s well-known for her outspokenness on the subject of women in sport and is a big advocate for women in cycling, in particular. When not out cycling, she’s normally at home or elsewhere writing about it and her experiences. Her online blog Bikes ‘n’ Stuff is well worth checking out.

Juliet’s YouTube channel is incredibly varied, and she loves to travel with her bike. It’s not unusual to catch her dela racing in the UK one week to then tune back into her channel dela a few days later to see her attempting a 4-day race trail in the Kenyan desert, for example. It never gets boring.

Juliet works closely with british cycling and is also an accredited cycling coach. Her channel includes tips on race prep, nutrition, and much more.

The Vegan Cyclist

Subscribers: 205k

Despite the name, The Vegan Cyclist is not a channel about veganism or even the benefits of a vegan diet for cycling. Its owner, Tyler Pierce, just happens to be vegan, but make no mistake—this is still a cycling channel.

In fact, The Vegan Cyclist is one of the best cycling vloggers in the game. Describing himself as “an average man doing above average things”, Tyler’s content—largely a mix of race recaps, product reviews and lifestyle insight—has had around 37m views since the first video went live in 2014, so it would appear to a loyal audience agree.

Tyler lives in the Californian mountains, so the scenery in his video content is nothing short of stunning most of the time. He often attempts to tackle some of the most testing terrains the US has to offer, too, such as the tough gravel paths of far west texas, for example. Watching The Vegan Cyclist is like having a direct view into another world—at least for us UK-based cyclists, anyway.

He also posts pretty regularly on Instagram. You can find him at @the_vegan_cyclist.

Mahalo My Dude

Subscribers: 365k

Mahlo My Dude consists of a group of friends from the West Coast of British Columbia who travel the world together to film and ride mountain bikes—sounds pretty cool, right?

That’s because it is. If you’re a lover of all things bikes, videography, music, and just all-round good vibes, Mahalo My Dude are the cycling vloggers for you.

The video above is one of our favorites. In this, the lads attempt what they describe as the hardest ride they’ve ever done—the Quadruple Crown.

Four mountain climbs and 100km of ground covered in just one day? Challenge accepted.

The Col Collective

Subscribers: 58.3k

If you look to cycling vloggers for route inspiration (albeit pretty ambitious), it’s worth checking out The Col Collective.

Host Mike Cotty and the team set out to conquer some of the world’s toughest mountain climbs and reach the highest summits on this channel, providing expert cycling advice along the way. If nothing else, they’ll open your eyes beyond your day-to-day cycling and turn you on to the vast wider world at your wheels.

Mike has a very engaging camera persona, and his ability to make you feel as though you’re sitting riding with him is scarcely matched on YouTube.

The Col Collective have completed some of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful mountain routes—their channel is the perfect opportunity to join them.

They’re also well worth a follow on Instagram if you like your landscape photography. Find them at @thecolcollective.

Dusty Betty

Subscribers: 33.2k

Dusty Betty is a channel dedicated to women’s mountain biking run by Tess.

Tess is based in the US but plays a huge role in the online women’s mountain biking community and is passionate about helping other women from all over the world find their place in it.

Tess’ life is far from ordinary. For a start, she and her husband her live in an Airstream trailer, traveling the US full-time in search of exciting trails and fellow cycling nuts, too.

Whatever your level of experience or knowledge of cycling, Tess’ video content is bound to appeal to you. The channel provides heaps of useful information and resources about mountain biking from a woman’s perspective. From trail rides and events to reviews and how-tos, you’ll find it here.

sick biker

Subscribers: 348k

Sick Biker is a part British, part Polish cycling channel—focused on all things road biking, mountain biking, training, and fitness.

The channel is run by cyclist, blogger, and self-confessed ‘bike freak’ Daniel Dziemieszonek, covering just about anything you can think of relevant to cycling, from maintenance and part fittings to tires and accessories.

Among Daniel’s content, you’ll also find the ‘Free Bike Service School’. This is a separate video playlist dedicated solely to helping you service your own bike and keep it road-ready.

Sick Biker also hosts an online cycling community forum where like-minded cyclists discuss various topics, from e-bikes to inner tubes. Available in both English and Polish, it’s as good a place as any to find answers to your cycling-related queries.

As a side note—Daniel finished building his new indoor cycling studio in September 2022, so you can fully expect Sick Biker content to hit the spot and then some.

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