The 6 emotional stages of spring running

The 6 emotional stages of spring running

Wherever you are in Canada, spring weather is almost here, and that means you can ditch your tights, long sleeves and jackets soon enough. Every runner knows how wonderful it feels to wake up one day, look out the window and realize that you’re in for a warm run. However, it’s been a long time—months—since you last ventured out into the sunshine in just shorts and a T-shirt, and because of that, you may have forgotten what spring running can be like. To remind you before that impending warm front fully arrives in your hometown, here are the six emotional stages of spring running.


FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a common feeling for runners in the early days of spring. There are few things worse when it comes to spring running than being stuck inside when it’s nice out. Whether you’re at work, in school or trapped anywhere else and unable to run, you won’t be able to stop yourself from staring out the window and wishing you were on a run, enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Until you finally do manage to escape and get out for a run, you’re going to experience some serious FOMO.

2. Pure happiness

You’re finally out the door, and in nothing more than your shoes, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and your sunglasses. Life can’t get much better, can it?

3. A need for more

Maybe you only planned to run a few kilometers, but at some point, you’re going to think to yourself, “I can’t go back yet, it’s way too nice to be done already.” So, instead of pulling a 180 at your usual turnaround spot, you keep going straight with one mission in mind: to soak up as much sun as possible.

4. Slight regret

It’s way hotter than you realized. Maybe the temperature has climbed since you left the house, or maybe you’re just not used to running in anything warmer than 5 C. In either case, you regret not bringing some water along to keep hydrated and cool yourself down.

5. Self-loathing

You might not hate yourself completely, but you will experience some anger in this time. It may be due to the temperature, or it could be because your quest to enjoy the sun took you farther than you should have run, and you still have to run back home (or maybe it’s a combination of the two). Whatever the case, you’re going to be mad that you put yourself in this uncomfortable situation, and you promise yourself that you’ll be smarter next time.

6. FOMO Part II

You’re finally home. You go inside, get cleaned up and look outside again. It’s still sunny. you know you were just out there, but you’re already missing the sun and wishing you could go for another run.

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