The 5 best budget electric bikes in the UK – Cycle Savvy

The 5 best budget electric bikes in the UK - Cycle Savvy

Finding an affordable electric bike is difficult when facing so many different options. You don’t want to overlook any must-have features, but you also don’t want to overspend.

To make things easy, we’ve covered five of the best budget electric bikes in the UK, including mountain bikes and hybrids.

We’ve also included some guidance on what features to look out for when buying an e-bike, so you can find the model that best suits your needs.

budget electric bikes uk

Key features:

  • 700×40 low-pressure CST tires
  • Shimano 6-speed gears
  • 25-mile range

Thanks to its discreet appearance, the Basis Hunter model is one of the best budget electric bikes on the market in terms of blending in as a regular MTB.

It comes with a 7.8Ah 36v LG battery that provides a 25-mile range and a 250w 36v rear hub brushless motor with plenty of torque for steep inclines—not a bad set of features considering its low price tag.

The LED display with three separate power assist modes is another nice touch, alongside the low charge time of four-six hours, especially since many budget e-bikes must be charged overnight.

If you’re after a robust electric MTB with a sleek design, the Basis Hunter model won’t disappoint.


“I have dithered over buying an e-bike for ages, and The Basis Hunter has allowed me to enjoy cycling again. It doesn’t shout e-bike because the battery is set into the frame, and the build quality is very good for the price.”

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affordable electric bikes

Key features:

  • Maxxis Overdrive Excel tires
  • Lightweight design (17.5kg)
  • 25-mile range

The Pure Flux One hybrid bike suits commuters and city dwellers who need a nippy yet quality bike to get around.

The bike is incredibly lightweight compared to other models, making it a breeze to ride. It also comes with a KNUS saddle and an ergonomic handlebar for added comfort.

It has a five-hour charge time and can reach 80% in just three hours, making it ideal for commuters who need to charge it in the evening before bed. The battery is easily removable and can be charged anywhere.

Worried about commuting in the rain? The premium grippy Maxxis Overdrive Excel tires with low rolling resistance will help keep your bike stable and conserve battery power.


“Overall, I’ve found the Pure Flux One to be fun to ride and great value for money.”

best budget e-bikes uk

Key features:

  • SNAFU embroidered and embossed saddle
  • Shimano 6-speed gears
  • 20-mile range

HYPER has created a high-performance yet affordable electric bike designed for mountain cyclists with this model.

It has a powerful 250w rear motor to help propel you uphill during trail rides, and the three levels of pedal assist are easily available on the power display.

Those who don’t like to miss a day will be pleased to know this budget electric bike is fully rechargeable in around four hours. The battery is also removable for easy arging and lasts up to 20 miles.

The design is impressive, given the low price, with a striking two-tone black and electric blue finish and discreet battery placement. The SNAFU embroidered and embossed saddle adds a nice touch of comfort and elegance to an already sleek bike.


“This is a great bike which is easy to assemble, easy to charge and has a runtime of four hours. The design is nice and solid too.”

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best budget electric bike uk

Key features:

  • Shimano Altus 8-speed gears
  • LCD control system with 5 power modes
  • Up to 100km range

This is one of the best value electric bikes on the market thanks to its impressive range of features.

It boasts a Shimano Altus 8-speed gear system for increased control on off-road rides, and the LCD control system provides five different power modes to assist you on uphill climbs or difficult terrain.

The Li-ion 6.8ah/36v battery can reach a whopping 100km range and has a winter sleep mode to protect it when not in use.

Its design instantly shouts ‘high-quality’, thanks to the sleek finish on the alloy frame and the stylish tire rims.


“Quality bike. It’s superb uphill, and it’s incredibly easy to change gears. I would highly recommend this bike.”

affordable electric bikes uk

Key features:

  • Suntour Canbus OLED display
  • Shimano 7-speed gears
  • 60-mile range

Raleigh has created an affordable e-bike with great features for those looking for a quality hybrid.

The integrated e-motion system and rear motor provide a smooth riding experience, with the even delivery of power allowing the bike to pull away with ease.

The 60-mile range is impressive for a budget electric bike, especially one priced under £1,000. If you’re looking to cover a wide area during your commute or weekend rides, the Raleigh Array model is a great contender.

The Suntour CANBUS OLED display is unobtrusive yet incredibly handy during your ride, and with five different riding modes to switch through, you’ll always be in control.


“This bike is amazing. It rides well, feels great, and the battery lasts its stated range on a full charge. I would recommend the Raleigh Array if you’re looking to get into the world of e-bikes.”

How to choose the best budget electric bike for you

There are a few factors to remember when searching for the best budget electric bike in the UK.

While price is certainly one of them, we wouldn’t recommend just going for the cheapest option on the market without checking it against the important specifications below. It’s surprising how much they can differ between models despite having a similar price.

1. Engine

The motor powers an e-bike, so it’s important to consider whether the motor on your preferred model suits the setting you’re likely riding in the most.

For example, electric mountain bikes will require the motor to produce more torque than those designed for urban and city use, which is optimal for hill climbing. You’ll want to look at torque if you’ll be hitting the trails with your bike.

You should also check the power output of the engine when browsing e-bikes. This is capped at 250 watts in the UK, so if you want a powerful budget e-bike, you’ll want one as close to this as possible.

2. Battery

Battery capacity is another important figure to look out for when buying a budget electric bike in the UK. This determines the range you can reach on your e-bike without recharging it.

Most battery sizes will allow you to reach at least 20 miles, but many on the market can reach much further than this.

Typically, if you’re shopping for an e-bike for urban and city use, you can compromise on battery size. However, if you want to be out riding all day without recharging it, you’ll want to opt for a model with a larger range.

3. Brakes

Brakes are easy to overlook when getting caught up in the more technical features of e-bikes, but they’re important for obvious reasons.

To give an overview, many cyclists prefer disk brakes over rim brakes as they’re usually more effective and easier to clean and maintain.

Hydraulic brakes are also superior to their cable-operated counterparts, as they reduce friction by not requiring a mechanical cable, which is also more susceptible to wear and tear. But they may only be available on a few budget options.

4. Gear options

This feature all boils down to where and how you intend to use your e-bike.

Single-speed gears are adequate for urban and city use, as they can handle moderate hills. However, a multi-geared option is best if you hit the trails, as this is where single-speeds struggle.

It would be ideal if you could find a budget electric bike with a belt drive instead of a traditional chain, as they are much more robust and require less maintenance.

Whether you go for a budget electric bike or a more expensive model, you may want to protect it through specialist electric bike insurance before you get out on it—especially if it’s your main mode of transport.

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We also offer Public Liability up to £5m and protection against personal injury so that you can ride with complete peace of mind.

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