Taipei Show Tech Randoms #1 – Cockpits & Components

windner brachii carbon cranks

After looking at the bikes and frames, our attention turns to the cockpit and component array at Taipei Cycle Show. Like the bikes, much of what’s here is to showcase a manufacturer’s capabilities. Some of it might get relabeled under a brand we know, some will be sold directly from the factory, and some is just showing off technical prowess or introducing a new design idea.

windner brachii carbon cranks

The Windner Brachii crankset uses opposed oblong carbon tubes to mimic your forearm bones, providing stiffness in all directions. They’re also wicked light, under 400g for a set (excluding spindle):

windner brachii carbon cranks actual weights

It’s a Red Dot design winner with a modular design that lets you use different spiders. That makes it compatible with analog and electric bicycles. It’s still under certification, but considering SRAM’s new T-Type XO crankset has holes in it, it’s not such a wild idea.

windner carbon saddles

They also make full carbon saddles with little texture nubs under the clearcoat to keep you from sliding off. And carbon fiber shoe horns with gold leaf, of which I am now a proud owner.

leaklab seat post with elastomer damper

Vazalab’s B3F Formega seatpost uses an elastomer damper under the saddle clamp to provide three-axis motion (video here).

leaklab seat post with elastomer damper

It absorbs shock and lets the saddle tilt and sway under you, but without bobbing in ways that could sap power from your pedal stroke. If you’ve ever ridden behind someone that seems to be sitting off center (you know you have) or you feel like you’re always putting more pressure on one side than the other, maybe this solves for that.

finger elementi ID match bike fit system with Selle Italia saddles

Deda Elementi and Selle Italia have combined forces on their ID Match concept.

finger elementi ID match bike fit system with Selle Italia saddles

Introduced with insoles, the ID Match lets bike fitters place different shapes and widths and stuff on a fit bike (or your bike in a fit) to ascertain the best parts for your anatomy and flexibility.

deda elementi generates curvy fork with mounts for bikepacking and adventure bicycle touring

Once your fit is dialed, the Deda Gera gravel lineup expands from the original cockpit parts to forks, offering two options for gravel, adventure, and bikepacking rigs.

The Gera Curvy DCR above is the more equipped with rack, fender, and accessory mounts, plus these sweet offsets that let you bring the gear forward (or backward?) to slim the profile, clear other accessoreis, or just accommodate different shape bags.

deda elementi generates curvy fork with mounts for bikepacking and adventure bicycle touring

The shapely legs clear a 29×2.2″ (700×57) or 27.5×2.6″ tire. Dynamo and brake hose routing are fully internal, part of their DCR design:

finger elementi internal routing cutaway for bicycle cockpits

Compatible cockpits, which they make plenty of, can run hoses and cables and wires inside the handlebar and stem, through the headset, and then into the frame…or fork:

Deda Elementi Gera EDG DCR road bike fork with internal routing

A flattened front edge of the steerer tube makes room for control lines to sit in front of it, and ports just above the taper are where dynamo wires and brake hoses enter.

On the left is the Gera EDG DCR fork, the racier of the two options. It slims down tire clearance a bit to 700×45 or 27.5×2″ and loses the accessory mounts, but keeps the internal dynamo and brake routing. Both forks are €625 each plus VAT. More details at

Selle Italia novus boost evo 3d printed saddle

Sister brand Selle Italia’s new Novus Boost EVO 3D Kit Carbonia SuperFlow has a super long name and a new 3D printed design on its cushioning. Compared to the SLR introduced at Eurobike 2022, this one uses varied density from to rear to improve comfort for lighter riders.

Selle Italia novus boost evo 3d printed saddle

Denser latticing at the rear supports sit bones, but more space toward the front gets squisher under the soft tissue as you lean forward to climb or get into the drops. Launches this summer, probably. Size is 145x248mm, coming first in full carbon with 7×9 carbon rails.

Selle SMP gravel bike saddles

After releasing “short” versions of their saddles last summer, Selle SMP follows up with a gravel lineup based on their VT20C, VT30C, and Well models. Other than the attractive gray clay color, I’m guessing the difference is padding material, but…well…I didn’t ask. The “C” refers to Compact, which is the shorter 255mm length, versus a very long 283mm for their regular versions.

Lumis fenders with integrated lights

ReadyGo’s Lumis LF01 Glow Bike Fender won a design award from the show for integrating a light underneath that bounces the illumination off the bottom of the fender to give the rider a larger visual presence at night.

lightskin handlebar with integrated headlight

LightSkin has been making handlebars and seatposts with integrated lights for years, but now they’re making them brighter. As in, bright enough to see where you’re going, not just help drivers see you.

The update brings a new lens element, cleverly displayed here like a diamond ring, that has 40 distinct angles on its face to direct the light where it needs to go – on the ground, in front of the bike. That lets it comply with European, and German in particular, standards. Max output is 50 Lux of clear white light. Coming soon for regular and e-bikes, the former getting a new dual-battery system for longer run times, and the latter being powered by the bike’s battery.

IB turn signal handlebar grips

IB Grips 1.0 version has integrated turn signals with stealth buttons on the inboard side that let you turn them on, off, and indicate your change of direction. The arrows face backward, too, so drivers behind you can see what you’re planning to do.

IB turn signal handlebar grips

Running lights add a bit more visibility, and accelerometer-based brake lights provide more safety and communication to those around you. The 2.0 version is coming soon and will add sound to the turn signals, with an amber color for the signal arrow so it’s more discernable. It’ll also add the ability to be dynamo or e-bike powered.

ebon handlebar tape

Ebon is a handlebar tape supplier (one of many) that had some cool designs. You’re unlikely to see them in shops under their brand, but these show just a few of the prints they can do.

ciclovation handlebar tape in reflective colors

Ciclovation, however, had a retail website for their very colorful, metallic, reflective, and shiny tape. Tons of options, note the reflective ends on the top right.

ridenow ultralight inner tubes for road bikes and gravel bikes

Ridenow makes some incredibly lightweight TPU tubes, with a lot of folks claiming they’re thinner and lighter than Tubolito. At just 24g for a road bike tube (other versions are available, and with black valve stems on all of them, they might be worth a try…if you don’t mind ordering from abroad. And they’re cheap, as low as $5 each if you search around.

rock bros top tube bag with ratchet dial attachment

In the US, Rockbros is basically an Amazon brand, however they seem to get good marks. Their display collection of frame and saddlebags use Fitgo dials (like BOA, but not) to tighten the straps around the frame, saddle rails, etc., to attach them to the bike. These aren’t on their website yet, but definitely look a step up from current offerings.

The white looks good, too (until it doesn’t), and bungie straps along the outside let you shove small, soft things in there without having to stop. Might be an affordable way to dabble in bikepacking once these launch.

Stay tuned for more roundups and tech from the 2023 Taipei Cycle Show!

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