Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi TT Helmet Goes (Really, REALLY) Big!

Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi aero TT bike helmet being raced
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Go ahead, get it out of your system. I’ll wait. Because there’s actually some interesting aerodynamics under this wild new spaceballs-looking, MIPS-equipped TT helmet.

The new Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi TT helmet’s radical shape was designed with an F1 aerodynamics expert and tested with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team and 2022 U23 ITT World Champion Søren Wærenskjold. The goal was to create the fastest riding position and system, and the helmet plays a big role in that when you’re tucked into the time trial position.

Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi aero TT bike helmet being raced
The Redeemer made its debut at the Volta ao Algarve early this season and will be used at the Tour de France this summer. Photos courtesy of Sweet Protection.
sweet protection redeemer 2Vi aero TT bike helmet being held

The “2Vi” portion of the model name refers to the multilayer construction, which is a safety feature that uses variable viscosity shell materials, foam, and a MIPS Air Node pad set to reduce rotational impact. Additional pads can be added to customize the fit, along with the usual retention straps and dials.

It says the helmet actually has a low stack height — the layering and materials allow it to absorb sufficient impact without being thick. So, safety isn’t the reason for its bulbous dimensions.

Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi aero TT bike helmet closeup details

The aerodynamics come from the shape and ductwork. The oversize shell is shaped to smooth the transition into the shoulders and back, hence the width. This creates a more aerodynamic shape out of the rider in their ideal riding position. The visor comes in clear and gray, and sits flush with the lower edge of the helmet, with two vents helping to move air across the inside to prevent fogging and provide some cooling.

To defeat the high-pressure zone such a big frontal area can create, it gave it a Laminar Flow Bypass Duct:

Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi aero TT bike helmet closeup details

This gives the central air somewhere to go, reducing pressure by sending it through a duct created by putting a carbon fiber cover over a recess. Air exits out the back from two massive vents. It says the air coming out of these vents is moving faster than the air coming around the outside of the helmet, which helps move air more efficiently over the rider’s shoulders to reduce drag.

Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi aero TT bike helmet top and bottom view

Yep, definitely looks like Dark Helmet, but we’ll reserve judgment until we see the scoreboard at the TdF. Because let’s be real, this isn’t made for the MAMIL at your local group ride. It’s meant to win World Tour races, so, I guess, who cares what it looks like? Here’s a video about it:

The Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi started development in 2021 and will be raced in key events in 2023 before hitting retail availability in the fall of 2023. Pricing is TBA.


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