Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity bra review

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity bra review

How does this bra fit?

I found the fit a little snug, even though I’d opted for my usual 34D size, so I’d say it’s definitely worth giving it a try if you’re near a Sweaty Betty store. There’s a hook-and-eye at the back of the underband as well as at the top of the racerback, which definitely adds support but also felt a little uncomfortable to me.

Esther, for reference, is a 34B and she found that it fit really well. “It is seamless, so I had no chafing issues whatsoever, and it encapsulated and held in all the right places,” she said. “The shoulder straps are lovely and wide, so I didn’t experience any digging, and the clasp is easy to do up.

“My only reservation is that the top band that runs across the top of your boobs didn’t lie flat for me – this could be a problem with my anatomy as opposed to the construction of the bra, of course. Being made from the same quite solid fabric as the rest of the bra, it didn’t offer the flex and fit you’d like from that section.”

I found the same: there was a little bit of gaping at the top due to the thickness of the material. All the more reason get it fitted, rather than order online, unless you’re positive about your sizing.

“The cups were solidly engineered, the straps were awesome and the underband was decently deep,” Esther continues. I’d concur: the cups offer an element of encapsulation and the straps are really sturdy.

The only thing I’d argue about the shape is that it maybe looked a little too sturdy on my broader shoulders: practically it’s great, but aesthetically it did look a bit bulky and wasn’t the most flattering fit on my body.

Is this bra comfortable?

“Yes it is,” says Esther. “Having experimented with a number of different bra shapes and styles for running, this really is among the top three I’ve tested. I can’t wear cross-back bras, as they always seem to dig into my neck, particularly as my form slips when I run longer mileage. And while I’m on the more rubbish end of the boob spectrum, I still prefer an encapsulation bra to a compression type, as that seems to result in less movement and chafe, and greater comfort. The fabric and design of this bra is spot on for me.”

I found the fabric super comfortable, too: it’s secure and feels sturdy but is also soft against the skin. I wouldn’t say it fully encapsulated my boobs in the way something like the MAAREE Battle Bra would, but it’s absolutely preferable to a compression bra and felt really comfy and supportive.

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