Specialized Allez Update Resets Entry-Level Alloy Road Bike

Specialized Allez Update Redefines Entry-Level Alloy Road Bike

Specialized’s latest aluminum Allez road bike continues to make us rethink how much performance you can get out of an affordable entry-level bike.

The high-performance metal Specialized Allez road bike first hit the tarmac nearly four decades ago, having first debuted in 1981 as the top-tier steel race bike from Specialized.

Specialized Allez steel frameset

And many years later, 42 to be exact, it’s still going strong – now as an entry-level alloy road bike.

The performance, however, is beyond entry-level.

Specialized Allez aluminum road bike redefines performance

Specialized Allez history

The Allez has been an affordable staple in the Specialized lineup for years and is a mainstay at dealers around the globe. It’s an excellent way for riders to experience the Specialized brand offerings without committing to S-Works level pricing.

In a world of ubiquitous carbon road bikes, the Allez has even carved a niche out for itself for roadies looking for high-end stiffness, handling & light weight from a metal bike.

Specialized Allez front

The ethos of the new Specialized Allez is ‘Confidence, Versatility, and Performance’. The Allez has since grown from a race-only ride to a do-it-all/gateway bike. A road bike that will help you decide your cycling future. The new Allez leans hard into its new identity, offering a premium alloy frame with new contemporary design features.

Plus, wider tire clearance, rack capabilities, and much more…

Specialized Allez Frame Tech Details


The new Allez frame begins with Specialized butted and double-butted E5 alloy aluminum tubing to create a respectable light frameset. Adding a full carbon fork reduces weight even more (no hidden alloy steerer tube), while helping smooth out your ride. The bare Allez frame tips the scales at just 1,375 grams, which is honestly just one water bottle heavier than their carbon road frames.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Specialized Allez seatstays

Designed in computer simulations, Finite Element Analysis isn’t just for high-end carbon frames. This new Specialized Allez has extensive FEA to ensure it would provide a light and lively ride. The result is a highly stiff frame, and the best-performing alloy Allez to-date.

Roubaix-inspired Geometry

Specialized Allez headtube

Specialized borrowed from its legendary Roubaix bike’s endurance geometry for the new Allez. Why? The Roubaix geometry delivers unrivaled comfort for long miles and stable handling – yet it’s still race-ready. Perfect for the seasoned rider or the new roadie looking to finish their first century.

Specialized Allez Geo

That all-day endurance race geo starts with a taller head tube and a more relaxed head tube angle. The Roubaix-inspired geometry on the Allez takes the weight off the rider’s hands while supporting sit bones to give a balanced, stable ride.

The new Specialized Allez is available in seven sizes, from 44cm to 61cm. Whether you’re 4’8″ or 6’5″, chances are, there’s an Allez your size.

Two Stock Builds, But Infinitely Upgradable


The new Allez is versatile; we’ve covered that. But how versatile?

The tire clearance is a beefy 35mm (32mm with Fenders). The spec for both models includes wide-range gearing more focused on the easier-side for steep hills and comfortable spinning. Plus — rack mount for those seeking extra commuter style with a road flare.

Specialized Allez Build: Details, Pricing & Availability


2023 Specialized Allez Sport

  • Groupset: Shimano Tiagra 2x 10-speed
  • Wheels: Axis Sport Disc
  • Crankset: Praxis
  • Price: $1750
  • Weight: unlisted
Specialized Allez full bike

2023 Specialized Allez

  • Groupset: Shimano Claris 2x 8-speed
  • Wheels: Axis Sport Disc
  • Crankset: Shimano Square tapped
  • Price: $1200
  • Weight: 22.12lbs actual (size 54) with Shimano 105 SPD-SL pedals & bottle cages

The all-new Specialized Allez and Allez Sport are available now from your local Specialized dealer or online at Specialized.com.

First Ride Impressions on the new Specialized Allez

Specialized Allez paint
The eye-catching paint job is a good start

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out a Specialized Allez myself. I know the bike well from working in bike shops, and I’ve always thought it was a great design. Now, this newest iteration is the most eye-catching and impressive (IMO).

Specialized Allez bridge

The aluminum frame really looks great (especially the seat stays), and could easily pass for a race bike with a different component build kit.

The stock build is entry-level, but still, the performance is solid and reliable. Eight-speed is enough to climb anything, as long as you have a suitable gearing spread, and the new Allez does. The designers & product managers thought out the spec well on the base model. They keep the price just above $1k but pack enough value for the long haul.

Specialized Allez rear derail

My time on the Allez has mainly been on short road rides and the rail to trail. The frame is responsive, and the ride quality is solid, not what I expected from something with an “entry-level” attached.

On the climbs, the wheels are the only thing that holds this Allez build back. They are pretty heavy, but I’m being very picky here since I ride a lot of nice light carbon wheels. The base build weighs in at a real 22.12lb (10.0kg) with Shimano 105 SPD-SL pedals (~265g)and two bottle cages. Not outrageously heavy, but more than I thought with the super light frameset.

I wanted to see how the bike would perform with a lighter set of wheels, so I opted for the Roval Alpinist SLX Disc launched earlier this year. Swapping in those Roval Alpinist SLX Discs and some lighter rotors that were already on the wheels, the Allez lost nearly 2 lbs (down to 21lb even).

Specialized Allez crankset

With lighter carbon wheels, climbing vastly improved – next-level get up and go for the bike.

We still have many miles to go on this updated Allez that just dropped into our test fleet recently.

Specialized Allez BB and clearance

But all signs point to this bike being an excellent option for anyone looking for a new road bike. The frame is versatile, and the 35mm tire clearance means it can double as your gravel bike.

Stay tuned for a long-term review down the road.


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