Spanish women’s race apologizes for gifting food processor

Spanish women's race apologizes for gifting food processor

Organizers of Sunday’s 7K Carrera de la Mujer race in Madrid apologized Monday for gifting a food processor at the event—a move that quickly fueled allegations of sexism. A statement from the Carrera de la Mujer—which translates as “The Women’s Race”—was posted to Twitter on Monday.

The statement offers apologies to those who were offended by the decision to gift a kitchen appliance at a women’s event, but denies that the food processor was given out as a prize.

“We understand that, seen from a biased perspective, it can generate some controversy, and we apologize if this has been the case and if any woman may have felt offended, but it is a product that we consider not to have a sexist character and that it is ideal for any sports person who wants to improve their nutritional habits,” the statement reads. “In any case, we accept the criticism, we reiterate our apologies if anyone has been offended, and we promise to take measures to avoid this controversy in the future.”

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According to the statement, gifts given to race participants are “offered by the sponsors of the event itself. In this case, the (appliance) was not a prize—it was a gift, like many others that the sponsors have given after the competition. The only prize that the organization delivers are the trophies.”

Organizers say they are “fully aware of the fight to eradicate any sexist stereotype, and for this reason we continually exercise almost daily self-censorship to prevent any gift we give or brand that sponsors us from generating negative comments in any way. In the case of Madrid, one of the sponsoring brands has given the winner a high-value food processor, in line with our concept of promoting healthy values ​​in women’s sports and nutritional habits.

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“Promoting healthy nutrition and physical exercise are absolutely essential objectives for the Carrera de la Mujer. With this product, men and women can cook unprocessed food in less time and in an easier way.”

Serbian national Ivana Zagoracone of 32,000 participants who entered Sunday’s race, won the event in 24:07.

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