Soar Running Apparel Review – iRunFar

Soar Running Apparel Review – iRunFar

Soar Running is a high-end, high-performance boutique brand based in London, England. Since its founding in 2015, the Soar line has rapidly expanded to serve the needs of runners all over the globe. Soar is best known for its built-for-speed gear, but after checking out the brand, it’s clear that Soar manages to authentically combine exceptionally high-performance gear with art, fashion, and community. Just check out their Instagram or Spotify playlists for proof.

The company recently launched its women’s lineup, which I had to get my hands on and try out for myself to see if the prices (a little steep!) and engineering made a difference.

In this article, I review these six items from Soar Running’s current apparel:

While the Soar Running Sleeves are unisex, all the other garments come in similar versions for men and women. I tested women’s specific versions of each of these.

Soar Running Marathon Shorts

Although the women’s Soar Running Marathon Shorts ($170) are named for the marathon distance, I’m confident these shorts can go the ultramarathon distance.

Designed with precision and attention to detail, these marathon shorts are constructed from lightweight and breathable fabric. This material not only keeps you cool and dry during intense workouts but also offers excellent moisture-wicking properties, allowing sweat to evaporate quickly.

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Marathon Shorts - front view

A front view of the Soar Running Marathon Shorts.

The shorts feature a streamlined and ergonomic design that contours to your body, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. They are tailored to enhance your natural movements while minimizing any potential restrictions, helping you achieve your best performance.

The shorts are equipped with a unique brief. This shaped and bonded liner is infused with Aloe-Vera, thus eliminating any chafing concerns.

The storage on these shorts is surprisingly robust. The back pockets can hold four gels (or a few packets of chews) and the two front elastic loops can each hold a gel. The pockets also feature a zipper pocket, perfect for securing a car key or any other small essentials.

Men, you can check out the men’s Soar Running Marathon Shorts ($175) too.

Shop the Women’s Soar Running Marathon ShortsShop the Men’s Soar Running Marathon Shorts

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Marathon Shorts - back view

A back view of the Soar Running Marathon Shorts.

Soar Running Split Shorts

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Soar Running Split Shorts ($125) feature a sleek and streamlined design. They are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that helps keep you cool and dry even during the most intense activities. The material is also quick-drying, allowing moisture to evaporate rapidly, preventing discomfort caused by sweat accumulation. Instead of stitching the seams and hem, Soar opted to bond these areas, streamlining every detail of these shorts.

The splits on the sides of the shorts are the perfect length — long enough to allow for cooling and free movement, but short enough to provide coverage to your backside. This design allows for a greater range of motion, enabling your legs to move freely without any restrictions. It also helps in enhancing ventilation, promoting airflow, and preventing over-heating — making these shorts perfect for hot summer months.

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Split Shorts - front-side view

A front-side view of the Soar Running Split Shorts.

The shorts have a comfortable elastic waistband that provides a secure and adjustable fit. This ensures that the shorts stay in place during your workouts, eliminating any distractions. Additionally, the shorts have a built-in brief liner that offers extra support and prevents chafing.

I found these shorts to be my favorite in the women’s lineup. They were the perfect length and provided just enough coverage. The shorts didn’t bunch up while running. I enjoyed how lightweight and breathable they are.

Luckily these shorts are available for men as well, check out the men’s Soar Running Split Shorts ($125) here.

Shop the Women’s Soar Running Split ShortsShop the Men’s Soar Running Split Shorts

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Split Shorts - back view

A back view of the Soar Running Split Shorts.

Soar Running Speed ​​Shorts

The Soar Running Speed ​​Shorts ($135) are the most streamlined and shortest in the women’s short lineup. These shorts are intended for speed and don’t offer some of the storage features that the Marathon or Split Shorts boast.

Soar strategically uses silicon grippers and laser-cut, bonded edges to achieve a skin-tight fit. Although these shorts are on the shorter side, I found that the silicon leg grippers did their job exceptionally well and the shorts did not ride up during runs.

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Speed ​​Shorts - front view

A front view of the Soar Running Speed ​​Shorts.

I would recommend these shorts for shorter-distance racing (10-kilometer and under), or training runs where you don’t need to carry anything with you.

You can also find the men’s version of the Soar Running Speed ​​Shorts ($140) here.

Shop the Women’s Soar Running Speed ​​ShortsShop the Men’s Soar Running Speed ​​Shorts

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Speed ​​Shorts - silicon grippers

Soar Running Speed ​​Shorts silicon grippers.

Soar Running Race Vest

I never thought I’d wear a “race vest” or a tank — I’m much more of a run-in-a-sports-bra person, but I’ve really enjoyed running in the Soar Running Race Vest ($99), probably because I barely notice it’s there.

My favorite feature of this item is that it’s composed of 100% recycled fabric. I love seeing more and more companies strive to offer a sustainable lineup. The fabric itself is so lightweight it’s hard to remember you’re wearing a shirt (just look down, you are!)

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Race Vest - back view

A back view of the Soar Running Race Vest.

It’s long enough to tuck into your shorts to keep it from flapping around, not that there is a lot of it to flap around in the wind. The tank is fairly fitted but loose enough to allow for plenty of movement. Keeping in line with the rest of Soar products, this top has laser-cut edges, helping to keep chafing and fraying of the fabric down.

Men, you can check out the men’s version of the Soar Running Race Vest ($99) here.

Shop the Women’s Soar Running Race VestShop the Men’s Soar Running Race Vest

Soar Running Ultra Jacket

The Soar Running Ultra Jacket ($280) might be my favorite and most used piece of Soar gear — or any gear — in the last six months. The folks at Soar thought through every detail on this jacket.

The fabric is otherworldly — Soar’s propriety Rainout fabric — while it is waterproof, it does not require a separate membrane to achieve this. Why is this important? Well, you’ll benefit from a waterproof jacket that doesn’t cause you to overheat — even on mild days. I wore this jacket on cold (30F) winter days and stayed warm, but I’ve worn it on 45F spring days and felt comfortable as well.

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Ultra Jacket - front view

A front view of the Soar Running Ultra Jacket.

The four-panel design provides a comfortable and relaxed fit, making it easy to layer if the weather demands it, which it did while I was testing. The drawstring on the bottom of the jacket lets you close off your upper body to the elements should you be in the midst of a downpour. The back pocket is large enough to carry keys, a cell phone, or a PopTart. Basically, it’s a big pocket. I was worried things would bounce around on my back, but I did not experience that at all.

Men you can get in on this jacket as well, the men’s Soar Running Ultra Jacket ($280).

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Ultra Jacket - back view

A back view of the Soar Running Ultra Jacket.

Shop the Women’s Soar Running Ultra JacketShop the Men’s Soar Running Ultra Jacket

Soar Running Sleeves

There are some people who love using arm sleeves and then there are people who are missing out. I am the former. If you’re the latter, consider investing in a pair of Soar Running Sleeves ($50). They are the perfect gear for those days when you’ll get a temperature swing an hour in. I keep a pair in my car just in case I get to the trailhead and discover it’s cooler than anticipated. This happens more often than I care to admit for someone who should know better.

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Sleeves - closeup

2023 Soar Running Apparel – Sleeves – closeup

If you’re in the market for a pair, put the Soar Sleeves at the top of the list. They are incredibly lightweight (28 grams a pair in a size M) and yet shockingly warm, thanks to their heat-retaining, sweat-wicking weave. The laser-cut edges, tailored elbow, and silicon grippers keep these sleeves from falling down during your next run.

These sleeves are unisex sizing and should feel very snug so they don’t ride down while running.

2023 Soar Running Apparel - Sleeves and Race Vest

2023 Soar Running Apparel – Sleeves and Race Vest

Shop the Soar Running Sleeves

2023 Soar Running Apparel Overall Impressions

After testing these products out, it’s clear that Soar has thought through every little detail. Each piece is made from incredibly high-quality fabrics and it’s obvious how much engineering and testing went into each garment.

In the future, I hope that the women’s line expands even more. I would love to see items like sports bras, longer (6 to 7” inseam) tight shorts, and a full winter lineup.

The price tag on the items is quite high, but I think investing in high-quality gear is worth it. Hear me out. I spend a ton of time running, which means I spend a lot of time in workout gear. To me, gear is an investment in myself, and I don’t want to buy gear that doesn’t meet my needs or gets worn out quickly. Buying cheap gear is a bad investment for a lot of reasons — it’s a pain to keep buying things, it’s frustrating to have a piece of gear not perform well, it’s bad for the environment, etc., etc. I love to have several pieces of gear that I can count on. The high quality of fabrics and materials that Soar chooses lets me know these items will last year after year. I’d rather buy an expensive thing once than a cheap thing multiple times.

I also really enjoyed this incredibly candid video with the CEO about Soar’s sustainability ethos — what sustainability means to Soar and what they’re actively doing to address it. I haven’t seen a video like this from a brand — maybe ever. Aside from the information about fabrics and sustainability, I love their mission to make their gear last longer by rolling out initiatives like a gear repair system and reproofing waterproof items.

Call for Comments

  • Have you tried any Soar Running apparel? What were your impressions?
  • Do you think the products’ durability and the company’s sustainability ethos are enough to justify the price tags?

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