SHOE REVIEW: Decathlon’s Kiprun KS 900

SHOE REVIEW: Decathlon's Kiprun KS 900

If you’re looking for a good daily trainer at a reasonable price, look no further–Decathlon’s new Kiprun KS 900 will fit the bill nicely. It has a nice wedge of quality foam in the midsole to cushion your easy runs, long runs and recovery runs, it will last a while–and at only $115, it won’t break the bank.

Decathlon, which originated in France in 1976, is focused on providing affordable sporting goods for families. The brand designs, manufactures and distributes all of its own products for more than 60 different sports and activities, and now has stores in more than 60 countries, with 15 locations across Canada (and four more scheduled to open this year). US two-time Olympic medalist in the 5,000m, Paul Chelimo, recently signed a sponsorship deal with the brand.

Kiprun KS 900 Decathlon
Photo: Matt Stetson


Men’s: 256g
Women’s: 216g
Offset/drop: 8mm
Stack height: 29 mm (heel) / 21 mm (forefoot)
Price: $115
available: now

The upper

The Kiprun KS 900 has a stretchy, breathable, lightweight upper that fits snugly and hugs the foot; it has a well-padded collar and tongue and an efficient lacing system with flat, slightly stretchy laces that let you achieve an excellent lockdown. (Some runners may find they need to go up a half size.) There are reflective elements at the front and rear, a substantial overlay around the toe area for protection, plus a woven pull tab at the heel.

Kiprun KS 900 Decathlon
Photo: Matt Stetson

The midsole

The midsole is MFOAM–Decathlon’s light, responsive and resilient EVA-based foam that works well for all types of easy running, including long runs. (Purists may be looking for something snappier for track workouts, but those who are just getting into speedwork will find this shoe works just fine for interval training.)

The shoe’s wide, stable base, which extends rearward from the heel, will appeal to neutral runners and heel-strikers looking for stability on landing, and the midsole thickness is more than adequate for those Sunday long runs. The heel-to-toe offset is 8 mm, which will be most comfortable for heel-strikers and newer runners; with a stack height of 21 mm at the forefoot, there’s still just enough cushioning under the toes to keep you comfortable at various paces, and to appeal to all running styles.

Decathlon Kiprun KS 900
Photo: Matt Stetson

The outsole

The outsole has an impressively thick layer of durable rubber under the entire forefoot, along the lateral side and under the heel, where running shoes wear most noticeably; if anything, you’re more likely to notice wear and tear in the upper before the outsole. In spite of this, the shoe still manages to be extremely light. Grip and traction are excellent in all conditions.

This could be an excellent daily trainer for newer runners getting into the sport, or for heel strikers looking for a very affordable shoe.

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