Shaun Collins and the Lactic Turkey Events – iRunFar

Shaun Collins and the Lactic Turkey Events – iRunFar

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[Author’s Note: This is the third of a 10-part series in AJW’s Taproom called Race Director Chronicles, where we profile the unsung heroes who make our sport’s racing possible.]

New Zealand native shaun collins has been directing running events for over 25 years. Known to many by his Instagram handle, Runningbeast, Collins is a fixture in the Kiwi endurance scene. Lactic Turkey Events is a labor of love for Collins, who notes that for him the most satisfying part of his work for him “is to give people the opportunity to adventure and challenge themselves in ways which they would not likely do themselves.”

“I get a buzz from seeing people at the finish having stretched what they think they can do and succeeding. You might see a clear novice runner at the registration table beforehand and think, Wow, this is gonna’ hurt you, and then you see them at the end with a massive grin on their faces and they have loved it. That’s the best thing to see!”

Shaun Collins - 2019 Riverhead Rampage 21k

Shaun Collins running the 2019 Riverhead Rampage 21k. Photo: Lactic Turkey Events

With over a dozen events ranging in distance from 5 kilometers to 80k and beyond, Collins provides something for everyone, even a series of events geared specifically for school children. The two marquee ultra events he produces are The Hillaryan 80k race from Arataki to Muriwai, and the Riverhead ReLaps Backyard Ultra, a race in the now-global backyard format. And, Collins chuckles when he tells me that they are re-introducing a format they used 15 years ago at Rage Against the Riverhead.

Collins explains, “Rage Against the Riverhead will be a team trail run relay for 24, 12, or eight hours. This is a party in the forest with teams setting up a tent site for the duration and completing as many loops as they can in the timeframe. Teams dress up in fun costumes and with the music and competition it’s a real buzz!”

Collins is tremendously proud of his home country and delights in creating events that show off New Zealand’s beauty and diversity. “New Zealand has such a wide variety of terrain within a short distance so there is something for everyone! From coastal trails through the forest to mountain tussock cover trails with snow and massive views.”

Riverhead Backyard ReLaps Ultra

Runners taking part in the Riverhead Backyard ReLaps Ultra. Photo: Lactic Turkey Events

As is the case for many event directors around the world, Collins faces challenges with private landowners, the impact and damage to trail systems due to climate change, and increased competition with new events seemingly popping up every month. Needless to say, New Zealand is not immune to the booming popularity of trail running and ultrarunning.

Finally, Collins is proud to note that his events focus on providing authentic experiences for all runners rather than a “bunch of bling.” In fact, Collins proudly states that Lactic Turkey Events are intentionally “low-key, grassroots experiences rather than attempts to just make a profit.” And, for over 25 years, the local Kiwi trail running and ultrarunning community has liked it that way!

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