Saskatoon family dominates at Alberta race

Saskatoon family dominates at Alberta race

Members of a fleet-footed Saskatoon family had an unforgettable outing at the Rattler Run in Medicine Hat, Alta., on April 29, capturing the top places in their respective races. Tarrant Cross Child and his wife Heavenlywho are both Medicine Hat College alumni, brought their four children to the 44th annual event, which features 3K, 5K and 10K courses starting and finishing at the college’s main campus.

2023 Rattler Run
Photo: MHC Rattler Run/Facebook

Longtime runner Tarrant, who this year returned to compete in the event after an absence of more than a quarter of a century, says the Rattler Run has a special place in his heart.

“The Medicine Hat College Rattler Run was my first ever organized race! I ran it in Grade 5 as I was attending Crestwood School in Medicine Hat. In the years that followed, I looked forward every spring to get back in the race while I was in grade school,” he says.

“This year was my first time competing in the Rattler Run in over 25 years. It’s extra special because I was able to bring my family to my first organized race. After all these years, I’m still running and able to enjoy watching my children run as well. I’m so proud of them!”

Although this year’s run offered some welcome nostalgia for Tarrant, it was perhaps more remarkable for the new memories the Cross Childs made with their impressive showing in various events.

Photo: MHC Rattler Run/Facebook

Kinley Cross Child, 19, Tarrant and Celeste’s oldest son, placed first in the Rattler Run’s 10K in 37:03. In the 5K event, Jayvin Cross Child17, crossed the finish line in 17:18 to place first, with his older sister Jaira CrossChild, 21, winning the women’s 5K at 19:25. Youngest son Jarrett Cross Child, 14, won the 3K race in 12:28.

Despite his years-long absence as a Rattler Run competitor, Tarrant proved he still knows his way around the course, running the 10K in 40:39 to finish second in the men’s 40-49 category and fourth overall. Celeste, meanwhile, ran 43:41 in the women’s 10K to take first place in her category and fourth overall.

A total of 507 participants, ranging in age from three to 84, took part in this year’s Rattler Run.

Tarrant Cross Child has authored a number of personal essays for canadian runningmost recently about meeting his idol, the American Indigenous runner Billy Mills; he and Celeste were also featured in the January & February 2022 issue.

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