Rossignol Super Heretic Calls Back 1994 Skis, with new Limited Edition Enduro Bike

Rossignol Super Heretic 160mm alloy enduro mountain bike, suspension detail

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Turn up the saturation and queue up the smash dance hits from the Bush I era. If you’re reading this article, you might already be doing both — the Rossignol Super project is bringing enough 1990 noise to make Hans “No Way” Rey proud.

The Super project is simple: Take a rare, tasty freestyle ski from Rossignol’s back catalog and design new stuff around it. The basis is the 1994 Super Virage, a ski released only in Japan. It “symbolized the frenetic energy inherent in the Japanese ski culture of the period,” Rossignol said. We don’t know where Rossignol’s designers have been, but you definitely don’t have to be Japanese to recognize the ’90s steez here.

Rossignol Super Heretic 160mm alloy enduro mountain bike, with Super Blackops skis & Super Sashimi snowboard
w. Rossignol, all photos by Erika Gaidioz

The new collection: The Super Blackops skis, Super Sashimi snowboard, and Super Heretic — this slashy mountain bike.

Rossignol Super Heretic 160mm alloy enduro mountain bike

Rossignol Super Heretic 160mm alloy enduro mountain bike, studio image

Rossignol first snuck onto the enduro mountain bike scene in 2021, with prototypes Bikerumor glimpsed at the Enduro World Series. It’s fitting the brand’s wrapping this particular rig a retro jacket — like on that EWS prototype, the straightforward alloy shaping and Horst link suspension are proven callbacks alone.

Add a premium race-ready Öhlins coil shock in mustard yellow, a gradient fade on the stays from day-glo pink to purple, and the old-school drop-shadow “ROSSIGNOL” lettering, and you land right in the sweet spot of a throwback look.

tech details

Rossignol Super Heretic 160mm alloy enduro mountain bike, frame detail

It’s pretty hard to get any Heretic these days, with stock running low across the 160mm travel aluminum bike’s lineup. The stock enduro bikes run suspension from RockShox, between Zeb forks and Deluxe shocks at 160mm travel front and rear. But this limited edition Super Heretic, meanwhile, runs more race-tunable Öhlins hardware, plus a full; Shimano XT groupset.

Rossignol says the bike hits its stride best on steep descents. That advice comes on the heels of development by its pro enduro riders, like Clement Charles and Morgane Jonnier.

Super Heretic – Pricing & Availability

Rossignol Super Heretic 160mm alloy enduro mountain bike, smoky

“Tuned for racing,” the Super Heretic is “equally at home in the park, or smashing gravity laps on playful trails,” according to Rossignol. It recently went live on the French gravity sports brand’s website in medium and large, at $5,799.

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