Reynold’s Black Label 46 Meant to be the Only Wheelset You Need

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset road

One wheel to cover most terrain is a concept that has been introduced previously, but it’s a tough one to conquer. Many have tried the “do it all” wheel with marginal success. Reynolds’s all-new DB 46 road wheel platform boasts high versatility, with professional or recreational options that work for all riders.

Reynolds Black Label 46 Wheelset

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset pro

Reynolds’s new 46mm carbon wheel mixes a very aerodynamic rim with excellent stability and low weight. Reynolds carries this rim across the line from the top-tier Pro wheelset to secondary Expert and its AR entry level.

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset full whee rear

Why the 46mm depth?

After running a lot of testing, Reynolds landed on the 46mm mid-depth profile, looking for a balance of aerodynamics and stability.

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset exp rim

Reynolds “used a comprehensive approach to aerodynamics that provides real-world benefit” — now a common phrase in the cycling vernacular.

eynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset pro full

Reynold’s proprietary CR6 laminate design and enhanced resin system helps lighten the rim and give the BL46 a beautiful finish.

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset options

Reynolds BL 46 Rim Profile

The DB 46 rim is fully tubeless and has a teardrop shape, ballooning to 31mm at its widest and coming back slightly. The internal 21mm hooked tubeless channel allows a modern fitting for wider road tires with a sweet spot for 28mm.

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset pro rear

Industry 9 Hub Options

The BL46 wheel comes in three options with different hub specs. The top-of-the-line Pro model comes with co-developed Reynolds/Industry 9 Blacklabel Torch road hubs. The Expert models use a co-developed Ringle model, and the AR use a Reynolds hub.

Reynolds BL 46 Line — Full Specs

Reynolds Black Lable 46 Wheelset specs

Pricing and Availability

  • BL 46 Pro: $2,300
  • BL 46 Expert: $1,900
  • AR 46: TBD

Wheels are available online from Reynolds for purchase.

For more information about the Reynolds DB 46 wheel line, check out

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