On-bike grub: New cycling nutrition at Sea Otter 2023

On-bike grub: New cycling nutrition at Sea Otter 2023

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Cycling nutrition is intensely personal. What works for one person could cause stomach pain for another. What keeps one person hydrated might not prevent cramps in another. That’s why many of us find a few products and flavors that work well with our bodies, or simply just taste great, and stick with them.

But it’s still a constant game of fine-tuning your personal nutrition strategy, not to mention the ever-looming risk of getting bored of the same old flavors. That’s why we’re always keen to check out some of the latest nutrition offerings, be they simply new flavors of existing products, or brand-new formulations to take in those calories and electrolytes.

Here are a few things we saw around the 2023 Sea Otter Classic from Gu, Drip Drop, and Honey Stinger.

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Gu lemonade energy chews and raspberry lemonade gel
Gu came to Sea Otter with two new flavors to show off: a raspberry lemonade gel and lemonade energy chews.

Ten percent of sales from the Gu raspberry lemonade flavor benefit the Rising Hearts Running on Native Lands initiative. If you want your nutrition budget to do more, this is the flavor to get. The gel is a caffeine-free flavor.

Lemonade is the latest flavor in the Gu energy gels lineup, and it does a pretty good job of replicating the real thing. It’s also a caffeine-free flavor.

doctor Eduardo Dolhun developed DripDrop to help with dehydration where IV therapy wasn’t available. The invention was such a breakthrough DripDrop’s formula received a US Patent, and Dr. Dolhun was awarded the 2017 Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Humanitarian Award.
I don’t like sports drinks while I’m riding – I prefer plain water with all the sugary sports bars and gels. However, I do rehydrate AFTER my efforts, and I can actually feel the difference, especially with DripDrop. Also, whether or not I’ve exercised, I am really digging a DripDrop before bed if I’ve had a beer or two.

Honey Stinger Caffeinated Chews
Caffeine chews are back at Honey Stinger, and this time there is more caffeine and more sodium, upping the ratio of sodium to potassium to three to one. The reformulated chews are available in cherry cola and stingerita lime flavors. (Photo: Honey Stinger)

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