My 3 Tips for the 2015 Crossfit Games Open Workout 15.1. —The Training Geek

My 3 Tips for the 2015 Crossfit Games Open Workout 15.1.  —The Training Geek

So the first workout for this year’s Crossfit Games Open involves the two main weightlifting movements. To be attempted one after the other, one for reps and the other for a maximum attempt.

At first glance, many would suggest to save the grip as the metcon is grip-taxing (with toes-to-bar, deadlifts and snatches) and to pace oneself. But here’s my take on it and three things I would suggest from a weightlifting front.

1. Use your legs appropriately for the various movements.

You have all three movements in Workout 15.1 that can easily blow your grip. For guys, chances are you will want to muscle these moves and hope that you have enough juice in the tank for that 1RM clean and jerk.

So you need to save your grip at the start in order to prevent you from misappropriately using your arms in the clean and jerk. How to do so?

  1. Focus on flexing the hip in the toes-to-bar
  2. Engage the back and posterior chain in the deadlift despite it being a minuscule weight.
  3. Use the quad punch for the snatches and actually receive the snatch than trying to pull the bar into position.

Your key in the metcon is to increase the efficiency of your movements by using the correct muscle groups to move the weight or your body. See it as a secondarily warm up for your clean and jerk.

2. Keep your hookgrip loose.

The hookgrip is designed to save your grip on heavy loads in the weightlifting movements. If you are capable of using the hookgrip, I would suggest using it not only for 15.1a but also 15.1.

Letting the weight rest within your hookgrip will ensure that you keep your arms loose and for the first tip to be effective. This will also help in the clean and jerk where a much heavier load is attempted and you risk the tendency to use your arms especially in a fatigued state.

Saving your arms will also benefit you in the jerk portion as you can still maintain a snappy lockout.

3. Aim to be technical.

Although it’s a metcon and your aim is to get as many reps as possible and following that as heavy as possible, but technique will go a lot way for this one.

Being able to punch with the quads in the snatches will potentiate you for a good punch with the legs in the clean and in the drive for the jerk.

Using enough legs and allowing momentum to carry the weight up for a power snatch, plus possibly receiving your power snatch lower will ensure a good lockout and save the arms.

Being technical also means having a good strategy to your clean and jerks. Have a goal of what you want to hit with fatigue in mind. Make calculated attempts within that 6 minutes you are given. Even if you fail an attempt, look to keep to the timing of each attempt. 60-90s per attempt will give you 4-6 attempts so planning them out will be a better idea.


It is a test of performance under fatigue. And it is also a test of strategy in the 15 minutes you are given. Going in without a plan will kill you. Be smart and keep both workouts in mind when planning your strategy. From a weightlifting perspective, aim for good technique and be efficient and you should be able to move well for the clean and jerks. All the best for your first Open workout!

Stay Strong and Keep Weightlifting,

Lester aka the Training Geek

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