milKit Introduces New Road & Gravel Specific Tire Sealant

milKit Road and Gravel Sealant all the sizes

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We’ve got some tire sealant news for you. milKit, the tool and tire sealant company that brought us the Hassle’Off Multitool has released its new Road and Gravel Tire Sealant that’s specifically made for, you guessed it… your road or gravel bike.

milKit Road:gravel Sealant kit
Photo c. milKit

milKit is calling their new, European-made Road and Gravel sealant “game-changing puncture protection” for both disciplines. They say that other sealants that are used in either road or gravel tires dry out quickly, therefore milKit has developed a sealant specifically designed for “high-pressure biking”.

This was done by creating a new formula with “more liquid consistency that lasts longer-lasting functionality within the tires”. In addition to the higher liquidity of the new sealant, it also uses a new particle composition so it’s able to easily seal punctures in tires with high pressure while keeping the homogeneity benefits throughout.

milKit Road and gravel Sealant 5 liter jug
5-Liter Jug

In addition, the milKit Road and Gravel Sealant are available in all sizes, catering to different preferences. There’s the 75ml for those “on-the-go fixes, or choose the 250ml, 500ml, or 1000ml versions for regular use. If you’re a shop professional or just swap out tires a lot, go for the big 5-liter jug. All of the sealant quantities (except the 5-liter jug) are packaged in 100% recycled PET bottles.

Advantages of milKit’s Road and Gravel Sealant

  • Increased durability in tires
    An optimized mixing ratio ensures better distribution of sealant within the tire, resulting in improved longevity and maximum performance capability.
  • Enhanced sealing function under high pressure
    Thanks to a new particle formula, even under extremely high pressures, punctures are reliably sealed.
  • Homogeneous and sustainable
    The benefits of homogeneity are maintained when the sealant is shaken before use. Additionally, it has a minimum shelf life of 5 years in the bottle and is free from toxic ingredients.

Common Sealant vs milKit Tubeless Sealant

milKit Road Gravel compare

milKit Road and Gravel Sealant Retail

  • 75ml: €9.95 ($10.86)
  • 250ml: €20.95 ($22.86)
  • 500ml: €28.95 ($31.59)
  • 1000ml: €41.95 ($45.77)
  • 5-Liters: €166.95 ($182.17)

Lastly, the new Road and Gravel Sealant has been added to milKit’s current line of sealants, giving the entire line more diversity to fit the needs of all cyclists. milKit is also developing a specialized sealant that is specifically designed for eBikes…stay tuned to Bikerumor for updates on this.


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