Micha Jada Powell: Run Your Way

Micha Powell

micha powell is a Commonwealth Games winner and Canadian Olympian competing primarily in the 400m event. She did n’t arrive at competitive running until her late teens, despite having two track-and-field Olympians for her parents. Looking back, she says that it took her a while to find out what running her her way would truly mean for her dela —rather than simply following in her parents’ footsteps. Now, she finds joy on the track before, during and after competitions.

For Powell, running her way means being surrounded by supportive people, carving out her strong personal style, and finding enjoyment in every single race. She’s been this way as long as she can remember—even earlier than her racing career. Back when she was six, she recalls sprinting to win an Easter egg race, beating all the boys and crossing the finish line beaming. Now, the 28-year-old still grins when she crosses the line in first, but she never forgets to congratulate her fellow competitors. Even on the start line, she can be found smiling and joking around—something she says isn’t too common on the track.

Just watch Powell race now, and the first thing you notice is her impeccable running form and posture. She’d still probably crush it in an egg race today.

micha powell
Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

Growing up with Olympian parents who hold Canadian and world records sounds intimidating, but Powell says she was always encouraged to find her own way. “With my mom, I just thought, ‘this woman is like a superhero, she can do anything,’” Powell recalls. “So I knew I could achieve my dreams, if I just really worked hard at them… But I never felt pressure to be on the track.”

Now as a professional runner, she still finds ways to have that feeling of joy she felt in that race as a six-year-old. “When you start to focus on the performance, it’s hard to remember the joy,” she admits. “I really try to make it more of a game. I love to think about how many girls I’m going to chase. In terms of training, I’m making sure that I’m encouraging my teammates, making sure that I’m just bringing this kind of lightness to a workout setting. Because yes, the workouts are going to be hard. But you know you’ll get through it and it will make you better.”

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

Running her way also means understanding that not every race is like that egg race. “Run your way, to me means having this realistic positivity,” she says. “I’m always able to look at things from this perspective that I have this opportunity to run. This is amazing. This is something that not many people get to do at this level. And I get to see what my body can do. Even if it’s a race that doesn’t go that well, I’m like, Yeah, but I walked in there and did what I could.”

There’s also a bit of a fashion element, which Powell has really leaned into in recent years. “I really like to actually co-ordinate my outfits, because I think when you look good, you feel good. So now being with New Balance, it’s such a great thing for me to be able to really express myself in what I wear. I love a co-ordinated kit. You look good, and you feel so sharp. It’s all a show.”

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