Kogel Aero Kolossos Sheds Wind Drag, too, Plus new Shimano 105 Option

kogel aero kolossos oversized pulley cage with aero fairing

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The CNC’d Kogel Kolossos pulley cages with oversized wheels has been racking up a few podiums under Lidl-Trek in this year’s Tour de France. While they might be running them on higher-end groups, the product has trickled down to the working man’s Shimano 105 groupset now, and they’re teasing an aero version that shields those giant pulleys from the wind.

Kogel Aero Kolossos

kogel aero kolossos oversized pulley cage with aero fairing
Chromed finishes might be available as a special edition at launch.

Kogel’s (and everyone else’s) oversized pulley systems aim to reduce drivetrain drag by reducing the amount of articulation each chain link goes through as it moves and the pulleys. Larger wheels mean less chain link rotation, which means less drag. Adding ceramic bearings helps, too. Now, Kogel is helping reduce wind drag also by partially shielding the pulley wheels and smoothing the exterior surface with a structural fairing.

kogel aero kolossos oversized pulley cage with aero fairing

The Aero Kolossos mounts the 12/19-tooth pulleys directly to the aero cage, which is still in the prototype phase. They showed it off at Sea Otter, and they’ve been testing it, but it’s still a few months off from production.

If you want the Aero Kolossos Next Level Experience, they’re offering options to join them in Texas in October to have the product installed on your bike, meet the team, and join them for rides, food, and more.

Kogel Kolossos for Shimano 105 R7000/7100

Kogel Kolossos OSPW for shimano 105 12-speed groups

Designed around their standard machined aluminum cages, the Kolossos for 105 upsizes to a 12-tooth upper pulley and 19-tooth lower, both rolling on ceramic bearings. It fits both short (SS) and medium (GS) cages, and works on the mechanical R7000 and Di2 electronic R7100 rear derailleurs.

Kogel Kolossos OSPW for shimano 105 12-speed groups

As with most, they say you may need to replace your chain to add a bit of length. MSRP is $475, available in Black, Gold, and Red, plus custom ($525) that lets you choose different anodized colors for each part of the cage. They come with a 2-year warranty.


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