Industry Nine Adds Colorful Hydra Classic Hub Option for S-Series Wheels

industry nine hydra classic hubs s-series wheelsets j-bend spokes 28h

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Industry Nine has expanded its line of S-Series mountain bike wheelsets with the addition of a J-Bend Hydra Hubset option.

The 28h steel-spoke wheelsets were previously only available with black, straight-pull Hydra hubs. Now, the North Carolina brand’s more affordable line of Carbon and Alloy MTB wheels can be acquired with the Hydra Classic hubset for lacing with conventional J-Bend spokes. The new offering brings with it the ability to customize hubs with a full range of anodized colors to choose from.

i9-hydra-wheels-s-series enduro trail j-bend spokes
Industry Nine’s Hydra Hubs have a class-leading engagement with 690 Points of Engagement offering pick up every 0.52°

Industry Nine S-Series Hydra Classic Wheelsets

Today’s announcement from Industry Nine delivers four new S-Series wheelsets – “S” alluding to the fact that they all run steel spokes and are priced a little more favorably as compared to i9’s lighter wheelsets that are built with aluminum spokes. The four wheelsets in question are the Trail S Classic Carbon, Trail S Classic Alloy, Enduro S Classic Carbon and Enduro S Classic Alloy, all laced with 28 J-bend spokes.

While wheels with straight-pull spokes have a quicker and easier build process, J-bend counterparts can be easier to live with in the long run, especially for basic re-truing and tensioning. While straight-pull spokes have a tendency to spin during tightening, making the job tricky without additional tools, J-bend spokes do not; the way they are bent around the hub’s drilled holes prevents them from spinning during tensioning. For that reason, some mechanics find them much easier to work with.

Appreciating that, Industry Nine saw fit to offer their more affordable S-Series wheelsets with the J-bend Hydra Classic hubset. There is no difference in price, with the alloy and carbon wheelsets starting at $950 and $1,795 USD, respectively.

industry nine s-series hydra classic wheelsets jbend spokes colorful hub options

Specifications, Pricing & Availability

Industry Nine S-Series Wheelset Internal Rim Width External Rim Width Take Width Wheel Size Starting Price USD Starting Price EUR
Trail S Hydra Classic Carbon 28mm 34mm 2.2″ – 2.5″ 29″ $1,795 ($1,840 w/color) €1,925 (€1,970 w/color)
Trail S Hydra Classic Alloy 27mm 31mm 2.2″ – 2.5″ 29″, 27.5″ & MX $950 ($995 w/color) €1,020 (€1,065 w/color)
Enduro S Hydra Classic Carbon 31mm 36mm 2.3″ – 2.8″ 29″, 27.5″ & MX $1,795 ($1,840 w/color) €1,925 (€1,970 w/color)
Enduro S Hydra Classic Alloy 30.5mm 34.1mm 2.3″ – 2.8″ 29″, 27.5″ & MX $950 ($995 w/color) €1,020 (€1,065 w/color)

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