Human Disco Ball: woman runs 2,500km to raise money for immigration detainees

Human Disco Ball: woman runs 2,500km to raise money for immigration detainees

Freya Morgan is running 2,500km dressed as a Human Disco Ball to raise a £120,000 solidarity fund for Bail for Immigration Detainees

Freya Morgan is passionate about human rights. A law student, she is motivated by her own experiences with suicide. Her friend Aaron Rajesh is a refugee himself and also a student law. Together they aim to raise an incredible £120,000 for charity Bail for Immigration Detainees.

Human Disco Ball campaign

The Human Disco Ball campaign has been running since the start of the year. The campaign culminates in a 200km (125 miles) run from Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol to Brook House Detention Center near Gatwick.

Freya partnered with event organizer RunThrough to provide warm-ups at races, dressed as the Human Disco Ball, complete with sparkly running vest and sunglasses. By April, they had surpassed £3,500 in donations.

“It starts and ends with community”

Freya and Aaron decided to work with charity Bail for Immigration Detainees after reading a shocking 2021 report. This report detailed how a third of people detained at Brook House are on suicide watch and that there have been reports of human rights breaches.

The pair wanted to help, and decided to get to work raising a solidarity fund. This fund will be spent ensuring that Bail for Immigration Detainees can provide free legal aid to thousands of vulnerable people currently being detained by the Home Office.

This legal aid will help immigration detainees to apply for bail, get out of detention, and reunite with friends, families and communities.

“For me, it’s the most meaningful thing you can do. Put your time and your energy into the causes you care about,” she told BBC News. “And it’s given me incredible perspective.”

How to get involved

You can follow Freya’s final 200km run live, find out more about the campaign, and donate here.

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