How to remove bike pedals (step by step) – Cycle Savvy

How to remove bike pedals (step by step) - Cycle Savvy

Your bike pedals see a lot of wear and tear, especially if you cycle regularly.

The pedals feel the brunt of all the downward force your legs exert when moving, and their small surface area means they need to be taken good care of in order to withstand the force.

However, looking after your bike pedals is pretty straightforward, and you can remove them in as little as five minutes if you know what you’re doing.

When to remove your bike pedals

Knowing when to remove bike pedals is an important part of bike maintenance, as worn-out pedals can cause all kinds of problems for cyclists.

Be it due to worn cleats, damaged bearings, or just annoying noises in rotation; your bike pedals are bound to need replacing at some point.

The first step in replacing a set of bike pedals is to remove the old ones. All you need to do this is an Allen key or pedal spanner (or a normal spanner, providing it’s the right size).

How to remove bike pedals

how to remove bike pedals

1. Shift the chain

First, shift the chain onto the biggest ring on the drivetrain so that any slips won’t clatter your knuckles. You can either flip the bike upside down or leave it the right way up to do this.

Better to be safe than sorry.

2. Push down and turn anti-clockwise on the drive side

On the drive side, insert an Allen key or spanner into the pedal crank and move it into the three o’clock position, pointing forwards, parallel to the ground.

Then, push down forwards and turn anti-clockwise using a decent level of force.

3. Push down and turn clockwise on the other side

Swap sides and do the same with the other ‘half’ of the pedal crank. However, place the crank in the nine o’clock position and turn clockwise this time.

4. Spin the pedals off

You should then be able to spin each pedal free from the crank. Be careful of any other debris, such as pedal washers, that may also come loose at this stage.

And that—simply—is how to remove bike pedals. It’s by no means rocket science but an invaluable skill for cyclists to have.

Be sure to assess the state of your pedal cranks and axle threads, and do any necessary cleaning before fitting new pedals to your bike.

Knowing how to remove bike pedals and replace them could be the difference between getting back out on the road promptly or facing an unnecessary wait.

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