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How to make early morning runs easier

Getting up for a morning run before the rest of the world has really woken up and running on quiet streets all sounds great. So why is it sometimes hard to drag yourself out of bed and into your running shoes? If you’re struggling to make morning runs work for you, we’ve got some tips to help.

benefits of morning runs

Before we dish out the tips, it might help to recap the benefits of early morning running. Running early is great for runners with a busy schedule – so that’s most of us. If everyone else you know is sound asleep, there’s nobody to text or email you, or ask you where their school shoes are.

It’s not just the satisfaction of ticking off your run from your to-do list that will give you a boost – running early can help with the rest of that to-do list as well. One recent study found that morning exercise improves focus and decision-making.

During the summer months, running early is key to avoiding training in the hotter parts of the day. If you’re training for an autumn marathon, get ready to make friends with your alarm clock if you want to beat the heat.

Check out our tips for running in the heat.

As well as all this, there’s something really lovely about seeing the sun rise on a new day while you’re running – even the most dull routes will glow in the early morning light.

How to make early morning runs easier

Go to bed early enough

It’s pretty obvious, but if you want to get up early you’re going to have to got to bed early. So step away from that boxset and have an early night. Having trouble nodding off? Follow our tips for better sleep.

Get your kit ready

Lay your running kit out the night before to save you hunting around for a clean running bra in the morning. It will make getting dressed quicker and easier, and the non-runners in your household will thank you for not disrupting them.

Leave your phone in another room

Not only will your phone being in another room overnight help you sleep better, it will force you to get out of bed in the morning to check it.

Avoid your work emails

It can become second nature to check your work inbox as soon as you wake up, particularly if you know you have a busy day ahead. But you can easily get sucked into something that could be dealt with later. Remember, nobody knows you’re up this early – they’re not expecting a reply yet.

Open your curtains

Try to get natural light into your eyes as soon as you wake up. This will help kick-start the body clock into full wakefulness.

Have a light breakfast

It’s difficult to know what to eat before a run any time of the day – and this becomes even more tricky in the morning when you’re pushed for time. Although your body will have energy available to it for a short run if you had a good dinner the night before, it’s best to have something light to eat before you go running. Choose something with carbohydrates; good options are a slice of toast, half a bagel, a piece or flapjack or a banana.

Don’t forget your warm-up

It’s easy to neglect things like a warm-up when you’re trying to make every second count in the morning, but doing a 5-minute warm-up will help you wake up and get into your stride.

Refuel after your run

Don’t forget the real benefit of early morning running: the second breakfast. You’ll want to get a good mix of carbs and protein on board to help your body recover and repair from your efforts.

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