Greyp gets Zaney w/ lightweight new Fazua-powered eMTB

greyp zaney e-mountain bike

Greyp’s original e-bikes offered a rather unique design with massive batteries and connected features that were advanced at launch, but failed to keep up with modern geometry and features that would appeal to today’s mountain bikers. That’s about to change.

Originally created as an offshoot of supercar brand Rimac, Greyp has recently fallen into Porsche’s fold, which also includes Fazua motors, where there’s a big focus on electric mobility solutions beyond cars. The all-new Greyp Zaney is our first look at the next generation of the Croatian brand’s connected bikes, and it looks good.

grayp zaney eMTB

Designed to be a lightweight yet capable trail bike, the Greyp Zaney uses Fazua’s Ride 60 drive system with a 430Wh battery. It puts out 60Nm of torque, putting it in that middle class between the 50Nm ultralight and the 85Nm full power bikes. But, it adds a special Boost Mode that adds an extra 100 Watts of power to the standard 450W output, giving you up to 12 seconds of super power.

closeup details of greyp zaney e-mountain bike

It’s controlled by Fazua’s minimalist Ring Control Hub and lets you move through the modes, and the companion app lets you fine tune motor output in each mode and save different rider profiles, which you can use for different trails or different users.

grayp zaney eMTB

This gives the bike a much more traditional layout, look, and feel than their original full suspension bikes. And it gets modern geometry, too (chart at bottom), built around 145mm rear travel with 150mm forks for the lower two models, and a 160mm fork on the top model (shown above).

It also gives it a competitive weight, with complete bikes ranging from 18-19kg (39.9lb to 41.8lb), with 29er wheels on both ends of the bike.

closeup of greyp zaney suspension linkage

It uses a Horst Link suspension, with the seatstays wrapping around the seat tube in a one-piece design that boosts system stiffness…

closeup of greyp zaney suspension linkage

…as does the robust rocker arm driving the shock.

grayp zaney eMTB

All bikes come with SRAM Eagle groups, ranging from NX Eagle to GX Eagle up to the Transmission equipped bike at the top. All bikes also come with an SP Connect phone mount that lets you use your phone as a connected ride computer…or not. And, all bikes come with a OneUp EDC tool inside the fork steerer, a very nice upgrade as it’s one of our favorite hidden tools!

The lower two models get OneUp dropper seatposts, too, and the top model gets a Reverb AXS.

formula cure brakes on greyp zaney eMTB

All bikes come with Formula Cura brakes, with the base model using 2-piston versions and the top two getting more powerful 4-piston brakes with upgraded levers, too.

grayp zaney eMTB

Stock tires range from 2.35 to 2.4, with WTB and Vittoria models depending on spec.

greyp zaney e-MTB geometry chart

Pre-order open up in September, with limited retail availability starting in November. Pricing and other details TBA.

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