Fox Release 2024 FLOAT & FLOAT SL Air Shocks for Weight-Conscious Trail & XC Riders

2024 fox float air shock yeti sb120

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Fox has updated its short-travel FLOAT air shocks for 2024, making them lighter and more capable than ever. Most notable is the addition of the all-new FLOAT SL that is dedicated to XC Racing; it replaces the outgoing DPS SV and houses an Internal Floating Piston within its damper architecture, borrowed from the 2024 Fox FLOAT.

The updates are said to bring improved traction, more consistent damping and a wider range of adjustability to suit modern XC, Downcountry and Trail Riders’ preferences. Here’s all you need to know.

2023 Fox FLOAT

The 2024 Fox FLOAT Factory Shock is available in 170, 190, 210 and 230mm Standard Eyelet, and 145, 165, 185 and 205mm Trunnion Mount versions

The all-new Fox FLOAT reorganizes the piggyback-housed damper technology found in the FLOAT X Shock into a smaller and lighter weight in-line package for the weight-conscious trail rider. It is said to boast a firm and efficient pedaling platform to power up the climbs combined with confidence-inspiring, trail-gripping descent capability that rivals that of FLOAT X.

That re-packing contributes to a not-insignificant 150g weight saving over the FLOAT X, all while freeing up precious in-triangle real-estate for the carrying of larger water bottles, spares, or tools. Claimed weight for the 170mm x 35mm Standard Eyelet shock is just 293g.

2024 fox float air shock yeti sb120
The 2024 Fox FLOAT Factory Shock on the 2023 Yeti SB120

For the compression damping circuit, the Fox FLOAT has a 2-position switch. The “Open” mode is configured such that there is zero pre-load on the shim stack. Meanwhile, the “Firm” mode is itself tuneable – not by the rider, but by frame manufacturers who wish to customize the level of support for their frame. The red dial controls the entirely separate rebound damping circuit, offering up to 11 clicks for adjustment of rebound speed.

The 2024 Fox FLOAT gets a larger volume EVOL air spring that operates over a comparatively low range of pressures. It is said to deliver more linear suspension action with improved small bump compliance and thus, more grip at the tires. Air volume is now more tuneable than ever thanks to the introduction of 0.1 inch3 spacers. The biggest compression events are managed with an MCU bottom-out bumper that introduces that extra end-stroke progressivity.

2023 Fox FLOAT SL

As its name suggests, the FLOAT SL is the smallest and lightest shock in the Fox lineup, said to offer exceptional pedaling efficiency and optimized performance for XC riding and racing. It replaces the Fox DPS SV with an all-new architecture. Basically, its main piston, valving and IFP are scaled-down versions of those found on the FLOAT. For this reason, it is 58g lighter than the FLOAT, coming in at a claimed 235g for the 170mm x 35mm Standard Eyelet.

Compression damping is externally adjustable via a three-position lever with open, medium and firm settings. The shock can be set up for manual or cable-actuated adjustment between settings. Rebound damping is externally adjustable via the red dial over 11 increments. Air volume on the FLOAT SL can also be adjusted with three sizes of volume spacer to choose from.

Pricing & Availability

The 2024 Fox FLOAT and Fox FLOAT SL Air Shocks are available now in Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount versions with 3-Position Lever and 2-Position remote options. Both will be available in Factory (pictured), Elite and Performance Series options. Pricing is as follows:

  • FLOAT SL MSRP: $349-$519 USD
  • FLOAT MSRP: $349 – $499 USD

Standard Metric Sizes for FLOAT SL

3-Position Lever 190mm x 40mm, 190mm x 42.5mm, 190mm x 45mm
2-Position Remote 190mm x 45mm, 210mm x 55mm

Trunnion Mount Sizes for FLOAT SL

3-Position Lever 165mm x 40mm, 165mm x 42.5mm, 165mm x 45mm
2-Position Remote 165mm x 45mm

Standard Metric Sizes for FLOAT

3-Position Lever 190mm x 40mm, 190mm x 42.5mm, 190mm x 45mm
2-Position Remote 190mm x 45mm, 210mm x 55mm

Trunnion Mount Sizes for FLOAT

2-Position Lever 185mm x 50mm, 185mm x 52.2mm, 185mm x 55mm

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