Feature rich! The new Thule Epos rack is their most impressive bike rack yet

Feature rich!  The new Thule Epos rack is their most impressive bike rack yet

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Thule makes a number of accessories to make travel simpler. For many a cyclist, they’re best known for robust, high-quality bike racks that balance ease of use with smart features. Now comes the Thule Epos rack that throws just about every feature one could think of for a bike rack.

And they really mean it. Thule says the Epos offers E-bike compatibility, a slick folding mechanism that makes it easy to tuck the rack away, and the ability to add brake lights, foldable loading ramps, and more.

Epos is designed to hold either two or three bikes depending on which configuration you purchase. (Image: Thule)

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Thule says the main innovation of the Epos hitch rack is that bikes can be carried “with no frame contact.” The Epos uses individual telescoping arms with pivoting heads and reinforced straps that clamp around a wheel to keep it in place, rather than pressing down on it.

Doing so accommodates bikes with front and rear fenders, though riders can secure their bike to the rack by clamping around the frame as well.

The Thule Epos follows the design language of something like the EasyFold XT. Rather than the platform – where your wheels sit in a traditional hitch rack – folding up to the back of your car, the Epos platform effectively folds in half. Thule says that doing so allows for your car’s trunk to remain accessible.

The Epos rack open, folded, and the optional ramp for heavy bikes. (Image: Thule)

Further, a rack folded in this way makes it much less cumbersome to move around and more compact when stowed away.

Better still, the Thule Epos has built-in wheels for easier transportation at removal.

Epos is compatible with a number of accessories including a bike repair stand, a foldable loading ramp for heavier bikes, and a high-grade locking mechanism if needed that is a collaboration with Abus.

Learn more about the Thule Epos hitch rack at thule.com.

The Epos rack offers an optional license plate holder as well as a rear brake light extension kit. (Image: Thule)

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