Decathlon’s new Kiprun KS 900 running shoe is versatile and affordable

Decathlon's new Kiprun KS 900 running shoe is versatile and affordable

Decathlon has been making sports widely available and affordable for families since 1976. The brand, which designs, manufactures and distributes all of its own products for more than 60 different sports and activities, started in France, and now has stores in more than 60 countries , with 15 locations across Canada (and four more scheduled to open this year). Decathlon’s latest running shoe–the Kiprun KS 900–has been designed with lightness, comfort and performance in mind.

The Kiprun KS 900 was designed based on feedback from hundreds of runners who are looking for comfort and performance in a lightweight package, and this shoe delivers.

Decathlon Kiprun KS 900
Photo: Decathlon

The shoe’s midsole is constructed with the brand’s light and responsive new MFOAM material–an EVA-based honeycomb foam inspired by the technology that goes into creating the most comfortable mattresses. It’s perfect for cushioning your easy runs, tempo runs, interval workouts, track workouts and long runs. The shoe has a wide, stable base and a very grippy, durable outsole that contributes to the shoe’s longevity. The heel-to-toe offset is 8 mm, which will appeal to all running styles.

This extraordinarily light shoe is only 256 g (men’s)/216 g (women’s), and has a stack height of 29 mm at the heel–ie, plenty of soft cushioning for runs of all purposes and distances. The upper is a breathable engineered mesh, with a comfortably padded tongue and heel collar.

Not only is the KS 900 an excellent shoe for any type of running, but it has been produced with an eye on sustainability; the shoe is guaranteed to last for 1,000 km. It retails for $115.00.

“Kiprun created the KS 900 to provide runners with the maximum comfort and cushioning to launch themselves on all types of long runs,” said Matthias Valkeniers, product manager for Kiprun high-performance shoes. “The shoe comes at an unbeatable price/quality ratio and has a durability of 1,000 km, making high-performance running shoes more accessible than ever before.”

The company offers a generous return policy and a two-year warranty on all items.

Order your pair of Kiprun KS 900 running shoes online (click here for the men’s shoe or here for the women’s shoe), or visit your nearest Decathlon store to purchase.

This story has been sponsored by Decathlon.

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