Day 1 random finds at the Taipei Cycle Show 2023

Day 1 random finds at the Taipei Cycle Show 2023

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Amid glitzy booths hawking the latest wares from the heavy hitters and literal Giants of the cycling industry at the Taipei Cycle Show, there are hidden gems and out-there products to be found all over. Here’s what I found on day 1.

Aryen Egretta RD Sprint T-70

I had never seen anything quite like this, and I’m assuming most of you haven’t either.

Hopefully, they will work on their welding.

But there is a purpose behind the design of the Egretta RD Sprint T-70, an Aryen representative told me. This bike was made for the Japanese market, where space in apartments is at a premium. Aryen wanted a bike similarly fast to a road bike, so it added in a massive 70-tooth chainring to account for the compact wheels.

That’s a big chainring.

The frame has been overbuilt to make it super stiff to create a more road bike like feel. But for all the unusual design features, the thing that almost caught me most off guard was the downtube shifter.

You don’t see downtube shifters much these days.

hidden cable lock

I wouldn’t trust my bike out of sight with this cable lock for very long, but the product is super convenient, and far better than nothing. Pop by the cafe and pull this Yung Great International, Co. lock out of your handlebars, and you have a quick, convenient, always on hand option for locking your bike when your attention turns to contemplating the important question in life: cappuccino or corte?

BTP woven bartape

I can’t say a woven material is up there on my shortlist of best things to make bartape out of, but it sure does make for nice looking designs. Dealing with the stench that sweat build up will bring? Not so nice.

Whoever decided to secure cable cutters with fishing wire

And award-winning ones from the Taipei Cycle d&i awards competition at that.

I mean, you can’t just expect me to see cable in front of a cable cutter and not cut it, can you?

Oh, can you?

Luckily Taiwan is a very honest place.

Tomdeer Ghost TG2 adjustable temple sunglasses

Well designed sunglasses should probably just fit correctly without needing to adjust temple arms. But nevertheless, Tomdeer introduces extra control over the fit of the Ghost TG2 with these adjustable temple sunglasses.

Tino reusable zip ties

This one feels so obvious, yet here I am, using regular zip ties like a sucker. I’ll be adding some of these reusable zip ties to my toolbox and saving the annoyance that comes with cutting them off when no longer needed.

check back to CyclingTips all week for daily coverage from the Taipei Cycle Show 2023.

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