Data highlights barriers to buying sports bras for fuller busts

Data highlights barriers to buying sports bras for fuller busts

It’s no secret that running is a high impact sport. Did you know that during high impact activities, breasts can move up to 14cm? And that running bras can reduce that movement by up to 83%?

According to data from Boobydoo, 32% of women don’t wear a sports bra every time they exercise. The motion of running can cause pain in the breasts, especially for those of us with a fuller bust. So it’s very important to not only wear a sports bra, but to find one that fits well.

However, the data also highlights how difficult it can be for women to find sports bras for fuller busts. According to the research, 62% of women have never been professionally fitted.

Challenges of buying sports bras for fuller busts

According to experts, “an ill-fitting sports bra often opposes the benefits of wearing one in the first place. It can not only affect posture but can also be damaging to the back and shoulders causing deep grooves, chafing and irritations.”

Charly Rhodes is Brand Manager for Boodydoo and a Coach at Orangetheory Fitness. “The statistics gathered from the survey indicate that it can be difficult for fuller busted women to find an everyday bra, let alone a sports bra,” she told Women’s Running.

Charly explains how lack of choice and having to compromise on style or comfort affects women trying to buy running bras for bigger boobs.

“From my experience as a bra fitting expert, women with a fuller bust face more challenges and carry more negative experiences with bras than smaller busted women. There is less choice available for a fuller bust, so women have to compromise with bras that don’t fit correctly. They may also have features they don’t like or find uncomfortable.”

The importance of wearing a sports bra

When we exercise, our breasts move around a lot. This can put stress on the ligaments and muscles that support them. This, in turn, can lead to pain, chafing, and even bruising.

In addition to providing support, sports bras can also help improve your performance. When your breasts are properly supported, you can focus on your workout without having to worry about them bouncing around. This can help you to run further and faster, and have a more enjoyable workout overall.

How to shop for sports bras for fuller busts

If you are a runner with a fuller bust, the best thing you can do is have a professional sports bra fitting.

Some brands are now offering this service online, so you don’t need to spend time shopping around.

Having a professional fitting will allow you to buy sports bras which fit properly, and in turn will provide the support you need.

Charly explains how important it is to choose brands who specifically design sports bras for fuller busts.

“When people think ‘sports bra’, most think of big brands like Nike and Adidas. However, their sports bras are not sufficiently designed for fuller busts, especially sizes above an E cup.

The best brands that we stock on Boobydoo are those that have spent years dedicated to designing bras for fuller busts. More awareness of these brands would certainly help fuller busted women find choice and options. Here’s how to find the perfect sports bra.

I still think there is room for more designs and brands to invest in bras made for bigger busts.”

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