Crush your summer 5K with this broken kilometer workout

Crush your summer 5K with this broken kilometer workout

It’s summer, and the perfect time of year to lower the mileage a little and work on improving your 5K speed. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, aiming to improve your speed can add an exciting thrill to training. The best thing about working at your 5K speed is that it’ll pay its dividends when training for longer distances. 5K training is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and getting familiar with faster paces, so challenge yourself, lace up your running shoes and make this summer 5K your fastest yet!

Pride and Remembrance Run

One of the most well-known workouts to improve your 5K is one-kilometre repeats, but they can become tedious or repetitive. Instead, try breaking down a kilometre into shorter intervals with brief recovery periods in between, to hit paces and put a fun twist on things. This type of workout provides an opportunity to practice pacing strategies, mental toughness and the ability to maintain a strong pace during moments of fatigue to help you feel more confident on race day.

The workout

Five to six sets of 600m, 400m with 30 seconds rest between reps and 90 seconds rest between sets

Before you get started, do a 10 to 15-minute easy-jog warmup with a few dynamic stretches.

This workout should be done at your goal 5K pace, or just a little faster. For example, if you are looking to break 20 minutes for 5K, try to do the 600m reps at 3:55-4:00/km pace and the 400s at 3:55/km or faster.

The key to this workout is hitting paces and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. The short, 30-second rest is there to give you a quick breather, but to keep you on your toes for the next rep.

Incorporating workouts like this into your training can enhance your 5K performance and ultimately boost your confidence, and your performance, on race day.

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