Chris King ARD44 Carbon Aero Wheels Also Have Smaller Carbon Footprint

Chris King ARD44 Carbon Aero Wheels Also Have Smaller Carbon Footprint

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The PNW’s high-quality component maker and general bike bling specialist, Chris King Precision Components, has released the first recyclable carbon aero wheelset. The new ARD44 is designed for “serious cyclists who want all-out speed on flats, climbs, and through corners”.

The ARD44 was designed and built with CSS Composites, which specialize in thermoplastic carbon fiber technology and are the inventors of FusionFiber.

Chis King ARD44 full wheel
Photo c. Chris King

These new wheels are built on Chis King’s R45D hub and an aero-profiled, 44mm deep Fusion Fiber rim. Chris King claims that “this combination delivers unparalleled power transfer, speed, and stability.”

ARD44 rims are said to be tested to withstand 275% of the UCI standard for impact resistance. Plus, they are tested to a minimum of 950lbs of spoke pull force.

What is FusionFiber?

Here’s the quick version…traditional carbon fiber components are made with thermoset carbon fiber and epoxy resin where the strands of carbon are woven together and mixed with epoxy, which you then use to lay up a desired component.

Instead of mixing carbon fiber with epoxy, FusionFiber combines carbon fiber with Nylon. The nylon fiber bonding process produces a more flexible material that tends to dampen impact better and be less brittle than epoxy.

Greg Hudson, the Wheel Product Manager at Chris King says, “…these ARD44 wheels represent everything we’ve come to understand about what makes riders faster. We already had a hub we knew outperformed the competition, but getting this rim completed the picture”.

Hudson continues, “That the rim could also be made in a more sustainable way, and that, ultimately, is the cherry on top.”

They say the ARD44 rim has a stable, responsive, and nimble ride. And due to its damping qualities, reduces bodily fatigue and strain on the rider. This kind of vibration damping could offer better traction and a more comfortable ride, helping to keep the rider fresh.

Aerodynamically tailored for 28mm – 32mm tires, sporting a 25mm internal width, and 30.5mm external width, the ARD44 can accommodate tires up to 47mm in width. Optimizing the interface between the tire and rim bed, it uses a TSS hookless, tubeless rim design to make for easy installation and maintenance.

Chis King ARD44 logo

Adorned with new wheel logos using a minimalistic interpretation of the iconic Chris King logo, you can get the wheels with any of the 2023 colors/finishes to coordinate with any bike.

ARD44 Wheelset Specs

  • Available with Ceramic or Steel Hub bearings (+$120 for ceramic upgrade)
  • 44mm Depth Front and Rear
  • Weight – 1525g / Set, 435g (+/- 15g) Rim
  • R45D Hubs available in all 2023 Color options
  • R45D Hubs available in all 2023 Color options
  • ISO 5775/ETRTO 25-622 Rim Bead Seat TSS Hookless rim design for seamless compatibility with modern TSS road and gravel tires.
  • Fusion Fibertm Thermoplastic construction for unrivaled comfort, speed, and handling.
  • 25mm internal rim width / 30.5 external width

ARD44 Wheelset Retail

Retail: $2850

The ARD44 wheelset comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is available now through authorized Chris King dealers and on the Chris King website.

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