Canada’s Corey Bellemore and Jim Finlayson take wins at Beer Mile World Classic

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On Saturday, Canadian runners Corey Bellemore and Jim Finlayson made history at the 2023 Beer Mile World Classic in Chicago, proving that Canada is superior at running and drinking–simultaneously–than our American peers. Bellemore won the men’s championship beer mile race outright in 4:30, with one shoe, while Finlayson set a men’s 50+ world record in 5:44.

Bellemore comes close to record

Bellemore, who hails from Tecumseh, Ont., was the pre-race favorite to win the championship, holding the beer-mile world record of 4:28. This year, Bellemore had to battle a little adversity, losing one of his spikes at the start. Bellemore is a man of experience when it comes to the beer mile, and he knew time is of the essence, running the remainder of the race with one shoe.

He was on beer-mile world record pace early, coming through the first lap in 60 seconds (beer + lap) and through 800m (two beers and two laps) in 2:06. Despite one shoe, Bellemore just missed his world record by two seconds, finishing in 4:30, beating second place by 22 seconds.

Finlayson Takes Top Honors

Heading into the Legends & Elites championship race, those on hand were ready to see the battle between two titans of the beer mile, Finlayson of Victoria, BC, and Todd Rose of the US The men were back and forth in the early stages, but Finlayson found himself with a lead on Rose heading into lap three. On the final lap, it was Finlayson who came out on top, clocking a 5:44 beer mile, with Rose finishing ten seconds behind him. Both men now hold the top two 50+ beer mile times in history.

Age seems to be just a number for Finlayson, who continues to set masters records past 50. Finlayson currently holds the Canadian marathon record for the 45-49 age group of 2:25:31 and is the coach of Canadian record holder Cam Levins. Finlayson is also the beer two-mile world record holder, which involves running 3,200m while consuming eight beers every 400m.

Shelby Houlihan returns?

Suspended US distance runner Shelby Houlihan made history at the 2023 Beer Mile World Classic by becoming the first woman to break the six-minute barrier in the beer mile. Houlihan crossed the finish line in 5:43.81, setting a new world record. However, despite her achievement, she did not win the championship as she was not allowed to compete in the women’s championship section due to her ongoing suspension.

Read more about Houlihan’s beer mile record here.

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