Can getting high enhance your runner’s high? A new study says yes

Can getting high enhance your runner's high?  A new study says yes

If you aren’t already doing high mileage, perhaps it’s time to start. A recent study published in the Journal of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research has shed light on an intriguing correlation between cannabis use and the exhilaration you feel after a run. According to the study, incorporating cannabis into your running routine can enhance the enjoyment and tranquility of your workout, resulting in a more fulfilling runner’s high.

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The study involved 49 participants between ages 21 and 49, who were instructed to run approximately 5K both with and without the use of cannabis. While participants ran an average of 18 seconds per kilometer slower under the influence of cannabis, they reported experiencing fewer negative thoughts and a heightened sense of enjoyment. Some even reported symptoms of euphoria and a feeling of effortless running while under the influence.

These findings align with previous research that has also shown a potential connection between cannabis use and increased exercise enjoyment. A 2022 study conducted by researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit provided strong evidence that endocannabinoids, rather than endorphins, play a pivotal role in the coveted runner’s high. These naturally-occurring compounds produced by the body are known to increase during exercise and are believed to contribute to the positive effects of physical activity on both the brain and body.

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Although the researchers couldn’t definitively conclude whether cannabis use directly facilitates exercise motivation, they did note that the positive feelings and dissociation induced by cannabis during exercise could contribute to more consistent exercise routines.

As the intricate relationship between cannabis and exercise continues to become clearer, it appears that runners who incorporate cannabis products into their mileage adventures may have stumbled upon a secret ingredient to spice up their running. So if you encounter a runner with a noticeable bounce in their step and a relaxed gauze, chances are you’re witnessing the blissful harmony of a runner’s high.

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