Calgary Marathon introduces pregnancy deferral, child care for 2023

calgary marathon

Run Calgary has announced plans for new “family inclusivity amenities” that will be introduced at the 2023 Servus Calgary Marathon, including a pregnancy or postpartum deferral option, child care on race day and on-course infant feeding stations. Jon Bird, the marathon’s executive director, said he and his team are adding these amenities to the event with the hopes that they will “reduce barriers to entry” to the race and emphasize “the importance of getting the whole family active.” The race is set for May 28.

The Run Calgary team is known for organizing family-friendly events, which is why they have added these amenities to this year’s race.

The new deferral option for pregnant and postpartum runners is especially significant; at many races, women simply have to forfeit their entries if they are pregnant or postpartum and don’t feel they can run. Now, anyone in either of those situations will be able to request that their registration be moved to the next year’s race. (Many other races have implemented similar deferrals in recent years, including the Boston and London marathons and several qualification-based ultramarathons.)

“The team behind the Servus Calgary Marathon understands that individuals may need to step back from running and walking during pregnancy and postpartum,” reads a Run Calgary press release. “This deferral program gives them the ability to continue to strive for a goal while managing one of life’s curveballs.”

An on-site day camp for children, also new for 2023, will accept kids between the ages of four and 12, and will cost $20 + GST ​​per child. The camp will be run by SOGO Adventure Running coaching staff, so any parents and guardians participating in race-day festivities will be able to leave their kids in good hands while they chase a new PB.

And finally, the addition of infant feeding stations (with one at the start, two on the course and one at the finish) is expected to make life easier for parents needing a secluded space to feed their infants or to pump breastmilk. “These stations will be freely accessible to any participants, volunteers or visitors who require a private space to breastfeed, pump or bottle-feed,” says the Run Calgary team.

To learn more about the Servus Calgary Marathon and to register for the event, click here.

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