BUFF earns B Corp certificate for its sustainable running gear

BUFF earns B Corp certificate for its sustainable running accessories

BUFF® has become one of those words like Hoover, Biro, and Google – and you don’t become something like that without being great at what you do. So what sets this brand apart?

A whopping 90% of BUFF®’s products are produced right on its doorstep in Barcelona, ​​the birthplace of the company. And that’s not just about keeping everything close at hand in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

By manufacturing in Barcelona, ​​BUFF® has been able to concentrate on reducing its carbon footprint. By cutting transport costs, lowering carbon emissions, and increasing the use of natural and recycled materials, BUFF® has stuck to its roots to help protect the planet.

Working towards a sustainable future with BUFF

Speaking of material, it’s not just about location either. As a newly certified member of the B-Corp community, BUFF® proudly seeks out innovation to continually move towards a more sustainable future.

Right now, 90% of BUFF® products are produced in-house in Barcelona in a factory powered by 100% renewable electricity (30% of which comes from solar panels on the roof)!

All this, and it produces beautiful products too, not least its fan-favorite CoolNet collection. The neck gaiters
we know and love are made from recycled plastic bottles, and we love them for their innovative cooling technology, quick-drying fabric and sweat-wicking properties. We also love them for their gorgeous prints and colours!

Those brilliant neck gaiters can be used as headbands, snoods, face coverings, wristbands, towels – you name it, we’ve done that! Not got one? You need one!

The best of BUFF

BUFF®’s range of neck and headwear accessories will protect you as you run this summer: stylishly, consciously and effortlessly.

5-panel Explore Cap / £29.95

BUFF running hat

Designed for urban and rural adventures, this cap is made from recycled ripstop fabric and trims, and features a moisture-wicking sweatband and breathable UPF 50 material.

5-panel GO Cap / £24.95

BUFF running hat

A beautiful all-rounder, this packable cap is made locally in Barcelona from recycled materials. It combines performance and style!

Pack Speed ​​Cap / £28.95

BUFF running hat

This ultralight, packable hat is ideal for longer, warmer adventures when you need to pack light. It weighs just 30g and features a gorgeous minimalistic design.

Speed ​​Visor Pack / £21.95

BUFF running display

Another packable and lightweight option to keep you out on the trails for longer, this visor is made from recycled
plastic fibers and you can squish it right down without losing its shape.

CoolNet collection / £16.95

BUFF neck scarf

The original neckwear is ubiquitous for a reason: runners love them! With a huge variety of patterns and colors, its multi-functionality and UV protection make it an essential part of every runner’s kit bag.

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