Brooks Ghost 15 review – Women’s Running

Brooks Ghost 15 review

The Ghost range is Brooks running’s best selling running shoe range. These neutral, cushioned running shoes are designed for road running, walking, and everyday runs. They are also carbon neutral, like their predecessor the Brooks Ghost 14. I put them through their paces to see if they deserve the status of ‘runner favourite’.

brooks ghost 15 running shoes

Technical Details

Weight: 258g (9.1oz)
Drop: 12mm
Sizes: UK 3-11 (including half sizes)
Price: £130

Brooks Ghost 15 pros

  • Comfortable, true-to-size fit
  • Breathable, flexible upper
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of size options including narrow, medium, wide and half sizes

Brooks Ghost 15 cons

  • Neutral support, so not suitable for runners who overpronate
  • Not quite enough responsiveness or support for very long runs

Who is this shoe for?

The Brooks Ghost 15 is a road running shoe, meant for everyday runs. These shoes are not designed for speed or trail. They’re ideal for those bread-and-butter runs which you use to keep up your fitness and get the miles in. The Brooks Ghost 15 don’t provide any pronation stability, so it is for neutral runners who do not need extra support.

How does this shoe fit?

The shoe is definitely true-to-size. They feature a classic fit with plenty of space for your toes to space out. It is not too tight around the laces or upper. There is excellent support at the heel with no slipping.

Is this shoe comfortable?

This shoe is very comfortable. It could be worn all day for work, rest, or walking activities in addition to your runs. I found that there are no areas which rub or chafe, and I didn’t get any blisters when wearing these shoes. The cushioning is indeed plush, which meant my feet didn’t ache even after wearing them for a long time.

Brooks Ghost 15 Review

My first impression of these shoes was “I’m so glad they fit!”. It can be tough finding running shoes that fit well, without making your toes go numb or feeling too tight around the upper.

I was really impressed with how comfortable they felt, even on first wear. The air mesh upper provides lots of breathability, and my toes were able to wriggle and move around in the toe box with plenty of space.

The effort that Brooks have put into the cushioning in the heel is apparent. I found that the updated midsole cushioning really works, and gave a good amount of energy return. They feel very springy and bouncy.

With all that said, these are neutral running shoes. This means they don’t provide me with the level of support I usually need, but at least they don’t pretend that they do.

The one thing I did find unusual – and perhaps a little off-putting – was the high heel drop.

These shoes have a drop of 12mm, which is higher than all the other shoes we’ve reviewed recently.

For example, the Hoka Clifton 9 have a 5mm drop, the On Running Cloudsurfer has a 10mm drop, and the last pair of shoes that I reviewed – the Saucony Guide 16 – have a 7mm drop.

To my surprise, I really felt the effect of this high heel drop. I felt as if I was running downhill, even on flat ground. I quite liked it at first – who doesn’t like running downhill? But after a while it felt off-putting and strange. It meant that my gait cycle wasn’t as natural, and my heel-to-toe transition wasn’t as smooth as usual.

Overall, this is an excellent pair of running shoes. If you’re looking for a new pair to add to your daily run rotation, this is definitely the shoe for you.

Where can I buy this shoe?

The Brooks Ghost 15 is available direct on the Brooks website as well as outlets such as

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